Sunday, September 18, 2011

Live, Love, Laugh

"Live, Love, Laugh"

Many a day I feel the need to remind my man of the above quote.

This last past year our life has felt like one big rush, it feels like whatever we do the man is tense and in a rush to get home.  To do what you ask?  Well essentially hop on couch and stare at the tv, computer or just nap.  

Like today we are out trying to do 5 weeks worth of food shopping, so the man starts complaining how it's taking way too long.  He only wants to food shop once a month, hence the outings are probably going to take a little longer because of all the stuff that needs to be bought.  So I think to myself just try to appreciate being with me and let's have fun picking out some delicious food. (and maybe put away the phone and concentrate on task at hand)  : )  (frankly food shopping with this dizziness isn't fun but I try to make the best of it)

Seriously though I don't know how to get him to slow down and enjoy the moment for what it is.  (something this recent dizziness has taught me in a large way)   I'm sure people would say I used to be on the computer way too much myself in the past, it took this horrible dizziness to made me realize just how many real moments of life I was missing out on though.

But back to him, we could be at a family party or wherever and can usually find him sitting by the tv or on his phone, anxiously hoping I say we are leaving now.  Even intimate moments are sometimes rushed.  He just doesn't seem to ever appreciate or enjoy doing anything but watching tv.  And it kind of saddens me in a way because I feel like we are missing out on what could be some very bonding and fun moments together.  Kinda like we are letting life slip us by without savoring it more.

The mere suggestion of walking together around our neighborhood, starting a workout program together, or trying to plan a date leaves him stressed.  Even when we take our little doggie out for a walk he is telling her to hurry up.  Why, what's the rush?  

Just wish he could appreciate those moments we do stuff together, those moments that will mean more than watching tv ever will.  And I just wish he could slow down a little not always be in a rush to get home to watch tv/ work on computer.  To simply loosen up a little, not be so tight....maybe subscribe to the age old adage of  "live, love, laugh"!

Yeah come to think about it that would be perfect......

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