Friday, September 30, 2011

Life Lessons

A while ago I purchased "The Purpose Driven Life", for one reason or another it wasn't an easy read for me at the time.   So it pretty much sat on my bookshelf.   Until that is these dizzy spells popped up.   Due to the fact I cannot read a book the library was kind enough to send over some audio books.  Now it was the library's choice, they asked what genre of book I preferred but from there they chose the actual books.

To my surprise this book was delivered, I thought to myself....well I tried reading that awhile ago but sometimes it got a little too much for me.  But then I thought what if there is a reason it has been brought to me, what if there is something I need to learn from it.  So I popped into the cd player and away I listened.

Now you must know I am probably one of the biggest skeptics around, I pretty much question everything and trust nothing. ha   So when it comes to religion I consider myself spiritual, as opposed to largely religious.  Religion has always been so very hard for me to understand, more so all the suffering that takes place on earth and it's relation to a high power.  It's just something I could never quite grasp.  You know the age old question of if there is a God why does he let people suffer or go through the horrible or unpleasant things that they do on earth?  

So when it came to reading books like The Purpose Driven Life, well honestly I always became a little disillusioned.  But listening to the book on cd yesterday I felt a little less disillusion.  In fact, I think there were lessons to be learned and felt more receptive to the ideas of the book.  I found them rather enlightening.

Which led me to ponder, maybe we all have life lessons to be learned.  Maybe we aren't always ready for them, open to them, or able to understand them.  And maybe certain things happen or keep coming in our lives to teach us or even remind us of these lessons?  Maybe there is something to be learned from everyone and everything that crosses our path if we listen and look closely. Again I don't have all the answers just thoughts.

But I do know all these dizzy spells, and other health issues that have been going on have led me to really explore other areas of life that I might have not explored had it not been for them.  It's just interesting to think about.  Are there certain lessons each of us are here to learn? 

Oh I will be the first to admit that the suffering many go through will always leave me feeling like it's not fair, and probably will always question why.  Yet at the same time I feel I don't know enough to make such a judgement either.  

Guess what I'm trying to say is I think the best we can all do is try to remain open to life's lessons.   in the midst of everything that happens somehow I think there might just be lessons to be learned from it all.  Thoughts?

I do know that I would highly recommend this book no matter what ones religious beliefs. 

And  though we may all share different beliefs, opinions, feelings, thoughts, and whatever else on life and all the things that make it up....those differences are the very things that help us learn along this journey of life. 

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