Friday, September 16, 2011

Lawn Clipping Show Down

Did my neighbor really just go after the poor kid that cuts our lawn?  Ah yes he did.....

Some days, no many days, I feel our life would make a great Seinfeld type of show.  The things that happen to us just seem rather surreal.

Let me explain....our little cottage house that we rent has a nice little property.   The landlord pays for the lawn to be maintained.  I believe the guys who cut the lawn are somehow related to our landlord.  Anyway....normally it's a blond hair, young guy that comes to mow but today a brunette, young guy showed up. 

Out of no where I hear my neighbor ambush the lawn guy, screaming they always leave clippings on his lawn and wall.   Well this poor kid trys to explain he normally doesn't cut our lawn, it's another kid.  And that he will be sure to blow any lawn clippings off his property. 

Guess that wasn't enough reassurance for the neighbor as he them proceeded to launch a full verbal, profanity riddled tirade on the guy.  Basically following the lawn guy around the property.  Finally the lawn guy who is being unnecessarily attacked starts screaming back.

Meanwhile, I'm in the house shaking because I know it's beginning to escalate in not a good way.  Call my man but can't reach him, call the landlord because I think she should know her relative related lawn guy is being attacked.   Next thing I know the neighbor is running into street blocking the guys truck calling the cops and giving his license plate number.  Seriously???? 

Upon first moving in here we had noticed lawn clippings on our chairs and swing set.  And we did mention to the lawn guy that maybe they could blow the things off a little better.  Since the landlord pays for our lawn care and is related to them, I didn't want to make that big a deal of it but I guess I should of?   The neighbor never mentioned anything to us before about the lawn clippings so I didn't even know it was an issue with him.

You never know what is going to set people off, and apparently for some lawn clippings are capable of making them explode in vicious anger.  

Just another day in my world.....

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