Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Trade Lives

Have you ever had a moment where you felt a strange desire to trade lives with another?   Sort of like that movie The Change Up.

With everything that has been happening lately, or should I say, going wrong....well I had that feeling today.

Maybe it's that I have done as much as I have in my life, or experienced all I have. And been as independent as I have at times.  Guess what I'm getting at is, I know what it feels like to experience those great moments..... where life feels almost perfect and filled with so much happiness one thinks they are going to explode.  I've traveled extensively, lived a bunch of places, done and tried a lot of cool things, been in some wonderful loving relationships, had good health, held what I considered a great jobs, and well you get the idea.

So to be going through what I have over the past year or so has really brought my life down in ways I'm just not accustomed to.  The health problems alone have left me feeling rather helpless, dependent, out of sorts, scared, and so on.  Actually VERY SCARED!

Coupled with a million other overwhelming big and small stresses. Seriously there isn't one area of my life that is simply okay at the moment. It has all just left me feeling such a mix of emotions that I have never quite felt before.

And after spending the day with my niece yesterday, who makes any day brighter, it got my mind wandering to that whole I wanna trade lives state. ha   Or maybe I just want to be a kid again when life didn't seem so complicated. Although, life does seem a tad more complicated for kids these days. haha

Anyway, like for instance my sister's life seems appealing at the have that independent feel back, to have a good job I enjoy like she does, not only that but to be part of a loving marriage that she has (been with her husband/ hs sweetheart for 20 yrs) not only do they still share great conversation, fun dates, but are lovingly affectionate toward one another still too, not to mention she is a mother to an amazing little girl, and is physically strong as well.   Seriously she has everything that I have come to desire over the years.  Things she knew that were important in life way before I did!  There are even a few bloggers who I follow that I would not mind trading lives with at the moment either!  haha

You know, we all have those kind of moments occasionally.  And as we all know  trading lives brings with it it's own set of life issues to deal with, as the saying goes 'life is always greener on the other side" is usually far from the truth.  But some days it just seems tempting to ponder.  :)

Who knows many a thing can make one ponder it.  But I do know this....I"m grateful for all the good things that do exist in my life, even if they are right now being overwhelmed by the not so good, besides the most important thing any of us can do is to always focus on the good, never take it for granted, and just remember to appreciate any and all good.

Like moments like these.....

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