Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Musings

Mondays aren't they grand, but even if they aren't our favorite day of the week there still lies such possibility....

The weekend wasn't all that exciting.  Though we did have dinner at the kitchen table again, yeah baby!  For those of you who don't know, the man likes to eat in front of the tv and getting him to agree to one night at the kitchen table is a huge step in the right direction as it opens up the potential for more conversation and communication which in my opinion are important to all relationships.  :)

And get this we followed dinner with mini golf!  I was rather ecstatic.  Plus, with all this dizziness that has been going on they say to not only limit my hours on the computer but tv as well.  And so I'm trying to convince the man we need to do a little more than just watch tv in our free time together.   We used to golf pretty frequently but with a way more limited budget, and golf being rather expensive it has taken a backseat.

So mini golf was just what we needed too.  Full moon, cool summer night, quality time with the man, what more could a girl ask for, oh wait..... how about my hole in one! haha   (yes you read correctly funny I don't often win at mini golf but I do tend to get hole in ones)   I even got a hole in one on a par 3 course.  Hilarious but true. 

After such a fun Friday night though, Saturday and Sunday felt a tad boring. We did watch a movie but with the dizziness it's a tad challenging watching one straight through.  The Other Guys was our pick but neither of us seemed to laugh so for a comedy it struck out. ha 

Though my man did try to play a practical joke on me which he was hysterically laughing about on Sunday.  Some online site can generate a crazy prank call that sounds for real, and looks for real as it is able to show the call is from any contact in ones cell phone. 

So I get two crazy calls one listed from my sister's phone, I'm thinking someone stole her phone so I keep calling her to find out if she is okay.  Well her, the husband and my neice were all napping.  So I'm telling her about the call I received, when out of no where my man starts laughing and tells me it was a joke by him.  Ummmm not funny as I woke up my sister's whole family after they had just drove for hours in a rain storm because my man wanted to prank me.  It might have been funny if he had just told me if was a joke before I bothered my sister and got her upset thinking her phone had been hacked.  He isn't much of a jokester so I never even consider it was a prank by him.  ha

After that antic by him Sunday was pretty much the silent treatment as I worked cleaning up the house, making homemade bbq sauce, and later watched a little Big Brother....anyone else watching this season? 

Okay those are my musings this Monday.  It's time to stop and smell the flowers, or share a moment  with the ones you love! 


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  1. Such a cute blog you have here. :)

    And you're the sweetest... thanks for your kind comment on my blog yesterday!! I sure appreciated your encouragement.


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