Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday Musings

Mondays....don't they always seem to arrive before we want them to.

The weekend was nice.  Friday night started off with take out from a local tavern that has a great variety of home cooked burgers and one burger could easily feed two. And we actually ate at the kitchen table, we are making progress folks!  :)

Saturday the man went to visit his family in Long Island, and I got to hang out with my mother.  Which is always so much fun and brings a lot of laughs. Which I could really use these days as  I don't think I laugh enough.  Actually does anyone.

Anyway....we went shopping and out to lunch at the Olive Garden. (our favorite place to eat and where we always tend to go with the all you can eat  soup/salad/bread stick combo.)   It was so nice to get out of the house.

I'm definitely finding somewhat of a correlation between computer, tv, and/or reading and much worse dizziness.  As odd as it sounds if I avoid the computer or anything that requires a lot of visual stimuli I'm much better off.   Like Saturday I barely watched any tv, was only on the computer for 10 mins and felt better. Strange!

The man doesn't exactly comprehend what it feels like to experience this dizziness/vertigo feeling so he isn't all that understanding.   Don't tell me I would be okay to drive or do whatever if the room is spinning and I can barely walk, clearly I would not be.  That's something that does bother me at times, his lack of understanding or compassion. Overall I think the world could use more of it as well.  My personal feeling is one simply cannot judge another until they have walked in their shoes.  Another post for another day. ha

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We browsed Old Navy this weekend and their new jewelry line is awesome!  They offer pretty rings and necklaces for under $10.  In this economy that is simply perfect!  I used to love Old Navy and Gap because they offered the classic basics in quality fabrics at good prices but that definitely hasn't been the case the past few seasons.  The prices have gone up, the quality of fabric down, and they have gotten a wee bit too trendy.  But this new jewelry is pretty.

Sunday was spent relaxing watching golf and baseball, think all the tv watching did me in because by 10 pm the dizziness was much more prevalent and making me feel rather bad.  But if I can't read, can't watch tv, or be on computer what am I suppose to do at night to just unwind and relax.  Anyway....did I mention Adam Scott won the golf tournament.  Oh even if you don't like golf you would like Adam because he is quite the cutie as well.  In my opinion  the golf world is better without Woods.

By the way, I got a notice that internet explorer was no longer compatible with blogger.  So I am now using Google Chrome and I am surprised at how much faster things are loading. My blogger page had become distorted so it's nice to have it up and working smoothly again.

Well it's Monday and there is lots more to say but to avoid overdoing it, it's probably best to get off the computer for now.   There's a lot of work that needs to be done around here both inside and out.  So might try and tackle it then see how I feel.  Hope no matter where you are, you enjoy the day!

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