Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday Musings

Monday.....and contrary to what I have been writing lately about the weekends, well this one was rather fun and crazy.

Friday night started off with two wild storms back to back, it toppled trees and even our grill, and left us without any power for over 12+ hours, not exactly ideal when you have 5 weeks worth of food stored in your freezer/refrigerator. 

So we ordered a fantastic pizza and ate by candlelit which was nice.  But the man, who lives by technology, was not happy.   He simply could not appreciate the moment for what it was, so was basically dozing by 8. Missing a great opportunity to just connect and have fun with me in the candlelit.  Though he awoke occasionally to text a friend inquiring about the baseball game he was missing without tv.  Enough said.

Anyway, the sultry heat we have been experiencing was just too much for the powerless freezer which was starting to melt my mother thankfully made a huge gesture of love and came over at 11 o'clock with huge coolers.  Otherwise we would have lost a lot of money in food.  Honestly, my family is amazing.  No words to describe how unconditionally they not only give but are willing to help when needed.
Awoke Saturday morning still without power.  Sleeping was pretty unbearable, the air was thick and heavy with humidity.  Needless to say our little cottage bedroom with it's sloped ceilings felt like an oven, so we all slept on the couch.

Saturday was my Uncle's party, which was fun. (though our GPS took us some 30 mins out of the way) haha  My cousin has a saltwater pool which was amazing.  The heat and humidity have been so intense here that the pool felt refreshing.  Overall it felt great to be out of the house, and felt such gratitude for just being able to be there.

Like I said this whole dizziness has given me a whole new appreciation of those moments when we feel good.   And when I do feel good I want to get out and do stuff.  All too often, even when feeling good,
my man and I just sit on the couch which is fun but not all the time.  I really think we need to make a conscious effort to do more sometimes. I love my man but he doesn't find much fun in anything besides  tv/computer/texting while on the couch.  He dislikes having to go anywhere. (and I've pretty much given up on suggesting things which bums me out because isn't that the fun of being in a relationship having someone to do things, go places, and try new stuff with)  Even Saturday we were all playing in the  pool but he just sat by the side looking sorta bored.  Some days wish I could get him to participate and be more in the moment, to get him to be less tight about everything.  As they say....Live, Laugh, Love!

 Sunday we did a little errand run  toTarget and whatever it is about stores but unfortunately I did feel some dizziness.  And then last night out of the blue while watching Big Brother I really felt dizzy. So strange.  It definitely still lingering, and still cannot read, use computer, drive, tv or  do other focus orientated tasks without feeling it.

Anyway, I'm just thankful for a weekend where I was able to do such fun things and be around people I love.  Now before I overdue it on the computer I'm going to leave it at that this Monday. 

And I did not take one photo this weekend, not even of the crazy storm.  So no photos for today.....

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