Monday, August 1, 2011

Life is....

Life is not always what one wants it to be,
but to make the best of it as it is,
Is the only way to be happy.

When I came across this quote today, it not only inspired me but reminded me of something my dog teaches me everyday....

You see from the moment she came into this world life hasn't been exactly easy for her.  From the tender age of 8 weeks when I took her in she has had a lot health issues.  From allergic reactions to the puppy vaccines, horrible skin allergies stemming from some kind of immune dysfunction to being diagnosed with juvenile cataracts at an age where most dogs are just starting to see the world.   And so much more that I cannot even begin to put in words.

But through all her struggles, she remains unfazed for the most part, making the best of all she has been dealt.  Her determination to enjoy life and be happy inspire those around her.  The vets seem amazed by her tenacity, and do just about everything they can think of to help her as have we.  And for all she has been through I of course spoil her rotten, there is no such thing as dog food in my house....only homecooked meals. haha   Besides isn't life all about....Living, Laughing, Loving and making it what we want it to be?  

She has literally taught me so much about life.  How there are going to be many a day that is less than perfect yet that should not stop us from making the best of each day or enjoying what is good.  My dog may not be able to see but it doesn't stop her from playing ball, nope she takes out her wiffle ball, rolls it along the hardwood floor so that she can track it by the sound it makes.  And she can play wiffle ball for hours.  Talk about making the best of it as it is.

Oh life is definitely not always what we want it to be, but my dog has shown me time after time, and like the quote says that we simply have to make the best of it as it is.   It truly is the only way to be happy.  And besides it still leaves the door open for each of us to pursue our dreams and maybe even create the very life one wants theirs to be.

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