Friday, August 26, 2011


So it seems hurricane Irene is headed toward Philadelphia.  There are all kinds of warnings here, the Jersey Shore which is only a 2 hour drive from here is under mandatory evacuations.  Roads are jammed, stores are packed, and quite frankly no one knows what to expect.  Everyone is just waiting to see if it follows the projected path.

The weather experts are saying this could be the worst hurricane to hit Philadelphia in over 50 years.  When you hear that it makes one panic a little.   There are alerts to prepare and stock up because they are warning electricity could be out for days.  Trains are being shut down.  It's a rather strange feeling.

The main problem is this area has had so much heavy rain already, the ground is already saturated and areas have already flooded.  So any further rain, combined with heavy winds and well you get the picture it will not be pretty.

Personally I feel a little apprehensive because last weekend's storm left our basement partially flooded, and if we get the predicted 5-10 inches of rain they are saying....well our basement will be completely submerged.  Not good when you have a rather new treadmill sitting down there, it's so heavy that if we need to bring it up it will require a lot of hands.  And hands will be hard to find given everyone is trying to prepare their own houses for the storm.

Plus we have huge fragile trees on our property as well, if the winds reach what they say they could very well take out the house.  So there is a lot to take into consideration and prepare as this storm approaches.

Oh and did I mention we just did our monthly big grocery shopping.  Which means the freezer and fridge are stocked with 5 weeks worth of persishables that will do just that if we lose our electricity for days.  Remember how I said when it rains it pours the other day, well it honestly could not be more true than lately.

At the moment there is an eery feeling to the air, like the calm before the storm. 

All we can do is try to stock up on things we might need if the power goes out, batten down the hatches, pray lots and hold on tight as this monster storm is heading our way!

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