Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Woof Wednesday

Welcome to Woof Wednesday.  Please meet MacDuff and Missy.  Their story tugs at my heart as these two little ones got given up when their family decided they didn't have time for them anymore.

The rescue  ideally would like to place them together so they can remain a family.  MacDuff is a friendly guy. Missy is rather shy.  They really love each other.  In fact, they even sleep snuggled up to one another.  This photo is before grooming.  Both are neutered/spayed and up to date on vaccines, with no health problems.

If you are interested in learning more about MacDuff and Missy their contact information is below.  At this time the rescue would like to speak to people who might be interested in adopting the pair. 

These two sweethearts have only known each other, and after being given up all they have is each other, so please let's find them a home they can go to together.  Not only that but to a family who is willing to give them a good stable home, lots of love, and promises to make them a permanent member of their family! 

MacDuff: West Highland White Terrier Westie, Dog; Rockaway, NJEnlarge Photo


Missy: Scottish Terrier Scottie, Dog; Rockaway, NJEnlarge Photo

MacDuff: West Highland White Terrier Westie, Dog; Rockaway, NJ

MacDuff 10 yo and Missy 6 yo
West Highland Terrier and Scottish Terrier

Scottish Terrier Club of Greater New York Rescue, Rockaway, NJ

Contact: Erica Cerny at or 973-361-6790 (evenings or weekends)

{Please keep in mind a dog is a lifetime commitment. They need attention, love and time just like we do. In addition, adding a pet to the family does cost money in the way of food, health care,training,etc. So before adopting make sure you are willing to make that kind of commitment and have the resources to do so.}

*If you want to be apart of "Woof Wednesdays" email Lauren at [] or leave a comment! We would Love to bring you on board!

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