Friday, July 1, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

No words can describe yesterday.  A day spent with my niece and sister....just a perfect summer day!  (even though still not feeling even close to 100%)   But it helped to be with such a ball of energy like my niece who has a passion for life and fun!

Tuesday's neurology appointment....started off with first them not even having me on the appointment list, followed by my appointment getting switched to a different doctor, and then being told I would first need a contrast brain/ear mri before any diagnosis could be made.   Testing for various causes like tumors, various dieases, and what not.  Yeah not too stressful. ha

The neurologist has heard of this type of dizziness/vertigo, turns out there are people who have experienced what I have, not that it makes me feel that much better but at least I know it's been seen before.  He suggested I try valium or antivert to see if that might help lessen what I'm feeling while I wait.  He says it is rather hit or miss finding medicines that work for vertigo.

So more tests....and honestly those small mri machines scare me, the unknown of what they might see scares me too.  I admit I'm just one big baby when it comes to this medical stuff!  (not to mention this vertigo is making me feel frustrated and sad as it's interfering with way too much)

Phone is being replaced by Verizon as it is malfunctioning yet again.  Note this is the second time they are replacing it.  I had the DARE for years without one problem, yet this one has been a problem since day one.  Interesting.  Anyone love their phone, if so what do you have?

And while trying to get there I had you guessed it a dizzy spell.  Literally just tried to immediately park car and sit still until it passed.  Pretty much need to avoid driving until they figure this out, but then that leaves me stuck at home. Hmmmmmm.......and the man isn't overly understanding.

There was this policeman in the Verizon store who informed me he experienced vertigo spells, now that's rather coincidental don't you think.  You never know who has what, or who experiences this or that.  I used to hold everything in but I find life is better when you just share your thoughts,life, and keep yourself open to the world.  We can all help each other in different ways but we first have to open ourselves to letting people see and hear the real us!

At this point I'm turning over this vertigo/dizziness to God and praying for a miracle of some sorts.  I just want to feel normal again.  I cannot say it enough....but everyday we feel good is really life's biggest blessing. And yet why does it take us not feeling good to realize it. 

When I'm around my niece she also reminds me to stop and see life through her eyes.  Children are great in that they remind us to stop what we are doing and just enjoy the moment.  To simple play... we drew on the driveway with chalk, splashed in her little pool, blew bubbles, had a tea party, played hide and seek, and you know what was fun! (none of the adult stresses of life invaded our fun for those hours) Ahhhhh....

Not the most exciting post but those are my thoughts for today and that is what is happening in my world at the moment.

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