Friday, July 29, 2011


"We acquire the strength we have overcome"
I would like to believe that is true, that somehow the adversity we face creates a stronger us.  But then of course there are those days I still have my doubts as well.   I'm sure many feel this way. 
Personally speaking, it just seems like over the past few years my journey has involved a lot of obstacles and mountains to try to overcome.  And the moment it seems I begin to feel things are turning around something seems to happen  to knock me down again.   It feels like I climb one mountain only to be smack right in front of another. 
Maybe I'm not being true to my dreams, self, beliefs, values or whatever it may be.  Quite possibly maybe life is trying to tell me something.  But on those days I can't figure it out, when I feel more lost then found well I think about the journey of the butterfly. 
How the butterfly has to release itself from its cocoon, any help by another and it will lose it's ability to fly.  You see the struggle to get out of the cocoon pushes the fluid out of it's body into it's wings giving it the strength to fly.   Without struggle the butterfly would never fly. 
This is why I adore butterflies.   In many ways they are the perfect analogy for  life..
We all have our own struggles, some seem very  unfair,  but maybe just maybe they help give us the strength we need?  Maybe they help create who we need to be?  Just something to think about....
A butterfly on our butterfly bush.

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