Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Monday Musings

Mondays....this weekend was spent relaxing watching the British Open and catching up on a food shopping.   British Open was awesome it's great to see people prove that age is just a number.  And that big sporting events aren't just for the young twentysomethings.  Darren Clarke is a golfer who has been around a long time, had a journey filled with ups and downs, and never won a golf major until now at the age of 43.  If you have a chance read his story it's rather inspirational. 

So today was a big day,  I had my first physical therapy session or as they refer to it as vestibular rehabiltation.  Wow is all I can say!

The physical therapist who did the intial consultation ran me through a gamut of tests and seems to disagree slightly with the neurologist  Including not ruling out that it could be what they refer to as a Vertigo Migraine, which is interesting as it comes on in the form of dizziness, vertigo and head pressure often times without any pain.  But she said one thing is for sure I have a severe problem with motion, and her tests indicate a definitie dysfunction within the inner ear.

Rehabilitation will involve many different types of exercises ones that will actually induce the dizziness in the hopes of retraining the brain and inner ear.  The ones that require me to shake my head side/side and up/down while focusing on something are the worst.  And so much for short term pt, nope this requires extensive work...twice weekly appts in their office and practice all exercises prescribed on my own everyday at least 2-5/day.  It isn't going to be pleasant and not something that can be resolved overnight.  So let's just hope this works, quite frankly I may end up broke with twice weekly copays before they ever cure the dizziness.

On another note, the weather forecast in Philadelphia is looking quite hot.  In fact, like much of the country it looks like we are about to go into a heat wave with highs predicted near 100.  Yikes.  Our little cottage house doesn't have central air so we are relying on two window units.  Hoping that this heat wave doesn't explode the electric bill as well.  That's the worst part of a heat wave the fact that it costs so much to run an a/c.  Even the pitcher for our Philadelphia Phillies, Halladay succombed to heat exhaustion.  So for all you dealing with this heat please drink lots and try to stay cool because heat exhaustion is one of those things that can sneak up on you.

hot sun in heat wave can cause health problems heat stroke 
And one another musings this Monday.  Big Brother has so far been rather interesting this season, love that they brought back Jeff/Jordan and Brendon/Rachel.   Just hoping they can stay in the game because with this show things seem to change quickly.  Usually I don't care for the people, especially girls they pick to be on these shows but I like Jordan she seems humble, down to earth, not caddy, and so funny.  She met Jeff on Big Brother two years ago, they quickly became a fan fav/couple and I hope it works out because they both seem like nice people.   I don't watch all that much tv but the man loves this show and got me hooked as well.

Oh and did I mention I love when David Muir co hosts GMA. He reminds me of  Charlie Gibson. The charisma, good sense of humor without being sarcastic, intelligent, and of course pretty nice to look at as well.  But seriously it's his intelligence and personality that makes him a good cohost. And maybe they could bring Bianna on to replace Lara.  She is great as well.  What can I say I like my morning news shows but only when certain people host it. :)  

Enough musings this Monday I need to get off the computer! :)

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