Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Monday Musings

Since my computer time is severely limited lately, and the vertigo is becoming worse my blogging isn't what I would like it to be.  Thought maybe I would just post photos which I tried yesterday but got too dizzy so back to trying today. ha

This weekend was full of ups and downs.  Still cannot do anything that requires a lot of eye focus and the movement of driving well I won't even go there.  I was happy to be able to play Monoply Friday night, and Sunday I was so grateful to be able to go to my family's for dinner.  Though I may have paid for it the next day as Monday was a rough one.

Hoping they get to the bottom of this soon as I feel like I'm missing out on life.  Can't even read a book or go grocey shopping.  Still waiting for the precert by insurance to schedule an mri.  The doc recommended some meds to try while waiting but they haven't been of much help.  Anyway....

So I spent some time taking photos.  Here is a sample of my weekend in photos.  That's about all the photos I could handle uploading today.  At least it's something.....

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