Sunday, July 10, 2011


The tv and media outlets this week and even weekend seemed to be overflowing with nothing but the whole Anthony case.  No matter my opinion of what went down regarding the Anthony trial, I will say this I think people are criticizing the jury a little harshly.  As it appears they did the job they were asked to do.

And deciding ones fate is a very serious task.  It's not for the lighthearted, nor the judgemental.  It requires an individual to have an open mind, to listen to the facts presented, and most of all to be able to put aside their personal feelings.  How many people are capable of that? 

We live in a society that seems to judge anything and everything before even knowing the facts.  Judging, gossiping, bullying, and other such negative energies have become rampant in our society and world.  Yet where does it really get anyone?   Negative energy just attracts more negativity.

Anyway, getting back to the topic.  Everyone seems to be criticizing and focusing on the jurors but what about the prosecution or law enforcement who simply did not collect enough substantial evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt.. Or who went for the harshest punishment in a case that was lacking hardcore evidence.  When their is doubt the jury has to go with a verdict of non guilty.

Like it or not that is the system.  Was justice serve?  Probably not is what most would say but then again it happens everyday in our country, in our world.   Problem is most cases go unnoticed because unlike the Anthony trial they aren't thrust into the media spotlight. 

Fact is many a scary criminal of various nature goes free or doesn't get the punishment people feel they deserve because of lack of evidence, improper handling or procedures,  plea deals, etc., yet much of the time it seems to go unnoticed.  Our prisons and jails are overflowing with criminals who should not be free or even let out but are because the system is too overcrowded and overwhelmed.
Look at some of the cases in the news the past few years where individuals have been abducted and often times tortured by criminals just released for the very same crimes they had been in prison for.  What about Jaycee Dugard case there was a parolee who was supposed to be under the supervision of a parole officer yet he held her captive for years.
Or what about the kid a few months ago who shot his family, they had had him in and out of hospitals.  They knew he was a ticking time bomb but just could not get him the help he needed. The system is lacking in many regards. 

And then there are those people who simply should not even be in prison, they need medical/psychological help instead but they never seem to receive the help they need either.  Or what about the innocent people convicted of crimes they never even committed.   Fact is life is simply not just at times. 

What does justice really mean.  And why does the system that is in place seems to fail so often.  There is no easy answer or solution.  It permeates every aspect of life and involves intrincate layers that need to be peeled back, investigated, and redesigned.  And let's not forget it costs money.  Fact is justice seems to be missing in many areas of life but isn't it up to all of us to help change it.  It only takes one person.  If we all stand up and work together for what we feel is unjust, wrong, immoral, not fair, etc., then maybe just maybe we can slowly change the system? 

To get justice, to evoke any kind of change, well as Gandhi said we must first become the change we want to see in the world.  And it isn't going to happen overnight, it's going to take a lot of perseverance, passion, time, and effort to evoke any kind of real change. (just getting through all the layers of government could take decades) haha

For the people who are upset over the verdict, some who even seemed to be crushed by it,why not turn that feeling into action.  Help those who need help.  Become a voice for the victims who have none.  Maybe in this case justice might not have been served but maybe in the future because of it, well maybe it won't be let happen again. 

Everyday there are laws that need support, everyday there are people somewhere crying out for help, everyday there are people that have the choice between right and wrong, the list is long..... know what I mean?  It's the age old good vs evil that will probably always linger.  And all anyone can do is to try to help, listen, not judge, just be there, speak up when needed, and always stand up for what is right.  There are oodles of other things that can be done as well.  Everyone of us has the power to make this world a better more just place to live.  And yeah maybe it's an idealist thing to say but what is the alternative to just not do anything? 

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