Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Woof Wednesday

Welcome to Woof Wednesday, please meet two West Highland/Jack Russell mix puppies....Frosty and Snow.

Frosty (smaller) and Snow (larger) are 2 little pups looking for new homes. They are about 10 weeks old, full of energy and play. The boys love to wrestle and are typical puppies, snuggly too. They were found in a high kill shelter in eastern KY recently. Now safe in a Rescue foster home, they are sure to bring lots of fun to your family.

For more information or our online application, please email  Include your location and a phone number for future communication.

Let's find these sweet puppies a good, loving home!

Frosty and Snow
10 weeks old, males
Washington Grove, MD

{Please keep in mind a dog is a lifetime commitment. They need attention, love and time just like we do. In addition, adding a pet to the family does cost money in the way of food, health care,training,etc. So before adopting make sure you are willing to make that kind of commitment and have the resources to do so.}

*If you want to be apart of "Woof Wednesdays" email Lauren at [] or leave a comment! We would Love to bring you on board!

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