Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

Update, the eye doctor has not a clue as to what is causing the dizziness.  She recommended a neuro opthamologist and neurologist.  Also changing my vision prescription to a lesser degree, as it turns out my glasses are too strong.

Hopefully they figure it out soon as I can only do short periods on the computer now, even reading has become rather challenging.  Plus I just get such a strange sensation on one side of my body face down to toes.  For a lack of better words it's scary and a bummer, especially given I'm an avid reader and also need to spend more time then I am capable of on the computer. (for some reason I seem to develop things that leave the drs puzzled)

It's amazing how life works.  I mean do we ever stop to think about all we take for granted some days?   Each day that we feel good really is a blessing in itself.  And most often it isn't until something goes wrong, we don't feel good, or can't do what we are accustomed to that we realize this. If anyone comes across this stop for a moment.... think about all the blessing in your life, and if you feel good today well that is the biggest blessing of all!

So, given I'm on limited computer/reading I'm growing a tad bored.  Painting, cooking and gardening are now becoming a larger part of my day.  Upon picking up a paint brush I seem to lose track of time.  And I love the feeling of creating something, whether it be a painting, meal or flower garden.  Those are the things I find myself loving more and more. Oh and have I got good recipes to share!

Quick thoughts for this week as well.....

What is up with these men/women using social media as a way to cheat or not be loyal to those they love.  Seriously....enough. (note to both sexes if a person lists they are in a relationship back off no need to exchanged photos, emails,texts, etc., find someone that is single)   I feel so sorry for that politicians wife.

Congrats to Boston for winning the Stanley Cup.  Shame on Vancouver fans for destroying their own city just because their team lost.

When will GMA bring back Chris Cuomo? :)  By the way, thier weekend morning show is fun to watch Bianna does a great job. And I like the addition of Ashleigh Banfield as well.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians started this week, have to admit for some reason I always enjoy watching the show.  No idea why but that family is entertaining.  Bruce is my favorite!

So is sunscreen waterproof or not?   And where has this knowledge been hiding all this time.

Us Open this weekend.  I'm liking Bubba Watson, Dustin Johnson, and Luke Donald.   Btw, if you haven't seen this already check out this funny video created by some of the golfers. Even if you don't like golf I think you might enjoy it....Golf Boys.

And if I haven't said it before this.....thanks for taking the time to check out my little blog. 

Enough thoughts for this Thursday, I need to get off the computer.  So I'm going to make homemade bread and make sure to set aside time to snuggle with the little one!

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