Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Musings

So since I was actually able to be on the computer for a short period Sunday evening thought I might as well create a posting for Monday too. 

This weekend was rather uneventful, we spent quality time lounging.  Grilled an amazing steak with portobella mushroom sauce.  And tried to pick out new glasses since I was told they need to reduce my lens prescription, hoping it might help the dizziness.

Well picking out frames is not exactly easy with my small head, and rather large eyes.  The frames are usually too big, if I do actually find a small frame my eyes are too big for those. haha  I like the frames I wear now but it would actually cost more to just have new lenses put in them, then get a new pair. Go figure right!

Now the man hates to have to shop for anything that is not related to him.  Think that is a man thing.  He can shop at hours at Brooks Brothers or a sports store for himself but when it comes to having to help me pick out things he gets ancy and complains before we even get there. (if it takes longer then half a hour I hear about it)   So he finds a seat at Pearle Vision and pulls out a magazine glancing up occasionally when I asked him if he liked this or that frame, not exactly what I had imagined. ha
Keep in mind I'm trying to pick out frames with this dizziness/off balance sensation, so I was trying to rush because of that and him.  I went in with the intention of wanting a frame less pair like Sarah Palin's, and found exactly what I wanted!   But was informed my prescription is a little too strong even if I got the thinnest lens they make.  Really?!  Yikes.  So out of many, many frames only a few actually fit my face but nothing I absolutely loved.
Given I shouldn't really drive much at the moment looks like I'll be waiting until they find a solution for this dizziness because the man said he isn't going anywhere else to look at frames. (even though we only looked at one place so far)  Maybe it's time to enlist outside help who would be willing to help me browse a few stores for frames. (and I find men often time give more brutally honest opinions which I need when it comes to frames because they need to last for a few years and might be wearing them more now then the contacts)  Plus, frames are very expensive, so before I invest money I don't  have I want to make sure they truly are the right fit.
The buy one, get one free deal at Pearle Vision would cost me $572+ and they are their lower price point frames!  To just have new lenses put into my old frames would cost $340 and get a second pair would bring the price to $650+!  I have to get these high index lenses that are essentially made ultra thin to fit in the thin frames and which come with anti reflective coating but still its a lot of money.
If anyone knows of any good places, that are a little more reasonably priced, to get the latest style in frames please let me know.  I'm thinking maybe I will try Lenscrafters next but not sure where to look after that. 

Anyway, not all that exciting or interesting of a post this Monday but it's something I've been thinking about and trying to figure out all weekend. haha
By the way, if you have 20/20 vision count your lucky stars! haha
Okay I've really pushed the computer usage to the limit this evening as the whirling sensation is coming on strong, so time to power down.  May your Monday be filled with whatever brings your joy!

Example of the glasses I like.

Jones New York Petite J122 Eyeglasses/></a>
<a href=

Love these as well but I've called around and no one seems to sell them.  Buying eyeglasses online doesn't seem like a good option as I want to see how they feel and look first.

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