Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Musings

Musings of this Monday.....

Since we pretty much spent the weekend watching golf, congrats to Rory for winning the Us Open.  Nice to see a new generation of golfers winning, and not just being dominated by Tiger. 

We had the parents for a simple breakfast on Sunday, where my dad got to also play Wii golf with my man and my mom said that is all he talked about the rest of the day.  It seems he loved the wii golf.  We all shot some hoops, and get this I beat the men at PIG.  Nothing but net boys! haha

Still battled the dizziness this weekend, while eating breakfast and trying to focus on people talking thought for sure I was going to fall off my chair.  And I seem to have this odd pressure feeling in my head too.  Trying to focus on anything is rather difficult.  And didn't spend anytime on the computer, which by the way is getting to old to handle todays technology and may just have to be tossed out the window. ha  Anyway, it's definitely frustrating and puzzling......

So this weekend I had one of those aha moments walking around outside, as I stumbled upon this beautiful red lily growing in the middle of a hodge podge of long grasses, branches,etc, and it reminded me of the symbolism that goes along with the lotus flower.

Within the lotus flower is a powerful symbol of life.  It essentially drops its seeds into the darkest mud, yet it seeks the light and with intense determination  it transcends the muddy water to burst forth a beautiful flower.  Well that is what this beautiful red Lilly seemed to behold.  In the middle of all this overgrown brush there it was standing tall, beautiful, and full of life.  At that moment a rush of inspiration flowed through me.

And I know whatever I'm feeling at the moment I need to try to accept.  Not only that but through the dark moments of life, how important it is to focus on the light, maintain hope,faith,positiveness, and all that other good stuff.  Life is always going to hand us lemons but it's up to us to make the best possible lemonade we can. 

We will never know or fully understand why things happen as they do.  In many ways life may always be a mystery.  But maybe the most important thing any of us can do is like the lotus flower don't let ourselves become bogged down by the muck in life, don't let the muddy parts of life hide the beauty and light that do exist.

As I write this the most beautiful red bird flew by.  Oh it's Monday and we can focus on all the negatives that might go along with this day, or we can focus on all the beauty this day might possibly hold too.  Let's all remember to focus on the flowers not the weeds of life!

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