Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Musings


And let me just start by saying the Mavs victory against the Heat last evening was a joyous occasion.  It's been awhile since I felt that excited for any team to win, maybe it's because people were treating Dallas like such underdogs or the attitude of the trio of Lebron, Wade and Bosh or maybe the last straw was Wade and Lebron making fun of Dirk for being sick even though he played through it....whatever the reason it just felt  good to see the Dallas Mavericks win the championship.

And like the Cleveland Cavaliers owner Gilbert said " There are NO SHORTCUTS. NONE."

That being said, the game could be a good analogy for life actually. 

As many of the Dallas players are older now, many waited years to get to this level, and unlike Lebron there was Dirk who stayed 12+ yrs with his team through the good and bad (rare for any player these days).....working, hoping, and believing that one day his team would get there. 

And as a team that is exactly what they did.  But it didn't happen overnight.  And that is what life is all about right?  Usually more times then none, those good things in life take time.  There simply are no shortcuts, even for those we think get the shortcuts or bonuses in life, there is always something one will desire that will take time to achieve.  And maybe the fact that there aren't always shortcuts, well maybe that makes people appreciate it even more.

This Monday congrats to the Mavs and for making people feel like dreams can come true, with hardwork, patience and time!

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