Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dizzy Schnizzy

Okay, so lately my computer usage has been severely limited by a dizziness issue. And when I say dizzy I mean the kind that makes you feel like the room is moving. It started happening while working on the computer for long periods of time, and has only seemed to grow progressively worse.

Seriously I can barely make it through reading a few blogs without it coming on.  To say it is completely frustrating is an understatement.

Here's the situation....I will be writing, browsing, doing whatever on the computer then suddenly it feels like a spasm happens in my head/eye area which at that moment brings a sensation on much like vertigo and I feel a jolt of what I can only describe as a shock that seems to run down my arm/leg on the left side.  In fact, this weekend my foot ached from the sensation that went down my leg.  And when it happens I literally grab onto the desk to try and steady myself. Sometimes I feel a little nausea too.

The feeling was off and on, only seeming to occur while working on the computer, but now it seems to be lingering longer and affecting me even while watching tv or trying to read a book. Even as I type this I feel a pressure in my eye/head area that makes it very hard to focus.

Went to my dr, who upon hearing my story, immediately contacted an eye doctor in the area to inquire about how soon they could see me. (whenever any dr does that it makes me wonder)  She doesn't even want me to drive until they figure out what it is. (which is near impossible when you don't live in a city)  She wanted me to limit my computer usage as well.

Hence, I have been feeling bored and rather ancy lately because I can't spend much time if any on the computer, reading or even watching tv.  Plus, not to mention there is work that I need to do on the computer.

Tonight I am going to see the eye specialist because my dr feels like it seems to occur when I'm visually focused on something. And right now I have to admit I'm feeling rather worried.  It's bad enough I feel this sensation, but the fact that it's lingering outside of computer usage at this point has me concerned.

Yes I wear glasses, in fact my current lenses are only a year and half old, still crisp and clear. (even have the anti reflective coating on them)  And I do wear contacts but since this has been happening I haven't even been able to wear them, they only make the feeling worse.

So I'm wondering if anyone who might be reading this or come across my blog today,  has ever experienced such sensations?  Or felt such symptoms while working on the computer, viewing the tv, or reading for long periods of time? (now it's even to the point short periods of time on the computer can bring it on)

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  1. Sometimes when I'm looking at the computer or focusing on someone's face as they speak, my view will get a single "wave" type of thing pass through, and I have to kind of refocus myself and readjust, but I'm pretty sure, for me, that it's linked with my migraines. I go to the doctor about it tomorrow actually. I hope you find out what's wrong, and that it's nothing serious- please keep us updated!


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