Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Power of Words

“The real art of conversation is not only to say the right thing at the right time, but to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment. “  
Words have power.  They can lift us up or break us down. They can hurt hearts or heal hearts.

Words can and do have an affect on those around us.  Words can have a profound, unimaginable affect.  That is why we should all watch what we say, take our words more seriously, think before we speak because we never know who or what we are affecting.

Words have just that power.  They can leave us feeling joyfully happy, or painfully sad.

Do you talk positively toward your family, friends, spouse, co workers or even strangers?  Or do you talk negatively to them?   Do you build the people up in your life by choosing encouraging words, or do you tear them down by using judging, criticizing words?

Words become rather set in stone once said.  It is hard to take back once said.  It is hard for people to forget especially hurtful words. And yet why do we find it hard to refrain from saying words we know will only harm?  Even when not so nice words are mustered followed by "just joking" does that make it okay?  The affect of the words has still been felt. 

An incredible example of the power of words is with children.  And maybe that is why some of use are the way we are to begin with because we learned early in childhood.  But kids pick up words incredibly fast, and they learn from us how to use words.  If they hear us be critical or judgemental of another they will learn to be too.  If they hear us use positive words, or even simply apologize to others....they will learn to do the same.  Children watch and listen to how we talk to others and then usually follow our examples. 

Or another example if the social media bullying we read about in the news.  Teenagers being bullied with hurtful, judgemental words on sites such a Facebook.  The hurtful words leaving deep wounds on many of their hearts and souls, even causing a few to even want to give up their lives.  Oh if that isn't the most profound example of the power of words.

It happens with adults as well.  Being around a person who is negative, condescending, critical or just has nothing good to say, usually makes those around them feel bad and brings those they talk to down to their level.  Where as being around someone positive, happy or has nothing but good to say usually makes those around them feel good and brings them up to their level. 

And let's not forget it all starts with good communication.  Finding ways to both listen and share our thoughts with those around us in positive ways.  To really listen and to genuinely make time to talk to those important people in our lives or around us.  Good communication and quality conversation hold the key in many ways as well.

There is so much power in words.  They can inspire us to greatness, enable us to share our deepest feelings with one another, create loving relationships and so much more. Words can change the very core of who we are.  And when used with care and kindness, they can change the world around us.

Think about how you choose to use your words.  And if hurtful words do take the place of loving ones find it in your heart to sincerely apologize.  Let's all try to use words to encourage and uplift others.  Most importantly just always keep in mind the power that words have.

Besides energy is contagious so the more positive, loving words you express the more you will attract back into your life.

Choose words carefully and always with wisdom and love!

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  1. i know this is an old post but it touched me..our words are powerful..thanks for sharing


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