Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday Musings

Monday and pretty much everyday seems like the same here as even the weather has been cloudy/rainy/stormy for about over a week now. Philadelphia actually had a confirmed tornado as well.  It was scary seeing the emergency warnings flash across the tv telling people to seek shelter.  Overall we had but one day of part sun.  And much the same for this week only now they are saying it will be hot, humid and stormy. 

As weekends go it was rather perfect.  Saturday was spent Chip n Putting with the man.  The sun actually came out for a few hours.  Warmed up at by hitting some balls at the driving range beforehand.  (good deal too as we had buy one get one free coupons for everything)  Golfing is really a lot of fun. Oh sometimes I get frustrated if I play poorly but you know I just remind myself it's just a game, it's great to be able to just be out in nature and able to play.

Afterwards my sister and niece came over for a little bbq.  I was very excited as it's not often that last minute plans work out like that.  So we were very happy to have them come over and spend time with us.  My niece simply amazes me, she seems so very intelligent and inquisitive for her age.  She always manages to somehow brighten anywhere she goes.  It felt like the icing on the cake of the day.

Sunday was spent lounging, in fact we spent the afternoon/evening relaxing in bed. lol  I tuned in for the Celebrity Apprentice as well, Trump definitely had a tough decision as both Rich and Matlin were amazing.  Though I think John Rich was the right choice as he had been project manager more than anyone else, and he did an amazing job on just about all tasks he was given.

The only negative part of the weekend was yet again the man didn't hold his promise to review the documents from the irs he received.  Apparently, he filled out something wrong and now owes more.  So I was going to sit down to help him figure it out this weekend but as I've said he avoids dealing with his personal finances at all costs.  Talk about frustrating!

Anyway....spent the morning running errands, came home started baking blueberry muffins only to realize I had run out of muffin cups.  So jumped back into the car ran to closest store only to find out they had none, so drove to a smaller market thinking no way will they have them but luckily they did.  So I arrive home to find the lawn guys blocking the driveway and street in front of  the house.  So I double park car trying to scrabble to move the flower pots so they don't get weed whacked like previously.

Then go back to car, try to park car in first spot I find. Everyone around here seems to have lots of kids/people living in their homes but only one car parked in their driveways so the street gets packed with cars.  Rush into house to finish baking muffins, then look down to realize my flip flops are covered in grass and so are just about all the floors in the house.  Needless to it created more work than I anticipated but the muffins came out great.

Okay enough of my musings it's time for a little playoff hockey and hoops this evening.....

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