Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Musings

Monday is here already.   Apart from picking out a new couch this weekend (a free replacement for the one that broke), it was basically quiet.  So not too much to recap. 

It's a rather dreary Monday on the East Coast.  The humidity is rather high, and the clouds make it appear as if a storm could pop up at any moment. And they are saying that is basically the forecast for the week.Yikes.

Actually this weather seems to encourage my baking side, and I'm mulling over whether to try making homemade Italian bread.  The recipe sounds rather simple so I figure why not.  Also picked up some blueberries to make muffins.  I find muffins are great to snack on anytime. 

My thoughts have been so scattered lately.  So much I want to write but the words just don't seem to be flowing freely.  It's as if my thoughts have become a little introspective.  I've been pondering how I'd like to incorporate more intimate moments.  And maybe a little more of this in my world....

Candle light dinner with good conversation.

A play day at the beach with the man,
 with no phones, tvs or laptops.

More moments filled with kisses, hugs, and I love you.

Some of my favorite days are those spent out in nature, with no technological distractions, just taking in life with the man and little one!  

And those are my musings for this Monday.

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