Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Musings

Wow is it really Monday already?

The weekend seemed to fly by.  Our Saturday involved two parties for my niece.  A kids party in the morning, followed by a family party in the evening.   And it is amazing how kids parties have changed since I was little.  We used to go to someones house play some games like pin the tail on the donkey, hit a pinata or two, and eat some cupcakes.  Now these kids have all out high tech parties! 

My niece had her party at what they refer to as "Pump It Up".  You know those inflatable jumping castles people rent?  Well this place is nothing but those air filled machines....they have basketball courts, obstacle courses, slides, climbing walls, and much more.  In fact, even the adults are welcome to play.  And play I did! 

I jumped right in with the niece, her friends and all their parents. Played until we had to get out to eat lunch. haha  It was so much FUN!   Which leaves me asking....where were these places when we were young?  Anyway....the adult party paled in comparison to the Pump It Up party.  (The man snapped this great family photo, though him and the brother in law are both missing from it, so hard to get everyone in a photo)

Sunday was just a complete chill out day trying to recover from all the playing the day before. haha  My man did good too, he and the doggie got me the most beautiful flowers and card for Mother's Day.  It was just sweet that he thought to do that.  As pet mommy and daddys are just as much parents too!  : )

After this weekend though it just makes me wonder how come as adults we don't all play more?  No I don't mean go out to bars/clubs, party all night,drink or any of that stuff.  I mean simply play like we did when we were kids? Shoot hoops, play catch, ride bikes, skateboard, draw, paint, board games, video games or whatever else we all did for fun as kids.  There is something to be said for that kind of good old fashioned play!

Just my thoughts for this Monday. 

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