Friday, May 6, 2011

House Dream

When I was younger I used to spend a lot of time dreaming about traveling the world, and living in places I have always desired.   So when I actually started traveling, and living in those places I always dreamed well a funny thing happened I actually started longing to create roots somewhere. 

Moving around, and even traveling was fun, but it can get tiresome in some ways.  And I started to miss being close to family and having a place to officially call home.  Hence the idea of owning a home slowly became appealing. 
So this week when we got a little news about our current home I felt disappointed.  You see, we have been renting our cute cottage house from another couple who wanted to save money especially for their wedding, they already have a duplex half a hour from here and were not sure where they eventually wanted to live. It seemed like the perfect opportunity.

We were hoping they would remain undecided for a while, or maybe even consider the rent to own option, but just found out this week that they have decided to make this house their permanent residence. (she wants to be close to her parents/work who are basically down the street)  Hence in about 6-12 months we will have to look for yet another place.

I feel disappointed as I love this little cottage house and the neighborhood too.  We have not got my man's credit to the point we can buy a house just yet. (unless we want astronomical interest rates)  Which is a bummer because we have been working hard on it.  Plus the fact that I still have not be able to find a job on par with my last position has made saving money near impossible. (a story in itself)

Even renting could be a challenge, as trying to find a cute, affordable place, in a nice neighborhood, with the man's credit and having a dog can make it a challenge as well. (and we pretty much need first floor places due to my dog not being able to see)  The house we live in now is the first place my dog has been able to walk out the front door and go to the bathroom without having to be carried.  Due to her advanced cataracts she can't walk up or down steps unless they are the really wide type.  So any place with steep staircase is pretty much out. Anyway....

Considering I'm a clean freak, who loves to garden, takes immaculate care of any place we live, and basically gives the places we rent nice makeovers.... well people should be knocking down our door to rent or even sell to us. haha 

Truth be told I'm tired of moving around.  I yearn to buy our own little house, a place we can decorate and renovate as we desire, with a yard where we can create and plant flower gardens, do our own landscaping and more....a home we can simply establish roots in.  Oh we would take such good care of it, and be so happy just to know it was our very own.

Sometimes I get frustrated because I know people who own homes and could care less.  They want nothing to do with maintaining or taking care of it.  It is as if they don't appreciate what they have.  And some days it just makes me wonder. How come everyone else seems to be able to own their own home but us. And I know that I should not be thinking like that but some days it's hard not too.  Between trying to find a job and then finding that out about the house I'm just feeling so out of sorts. haha  So....

While outside planting flowers today I just started thinking about how much I want a house.  Then I started daydreaming about what it would look like, what kind of gardens I would create, and wondering if any of it would be possible sooner rather than later.  At least dreaming helped me focus on the positive rather then dwell on the negative!

I just adore these cape cod and/or cottage type homes.

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