Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Good Morning America

Okay, so I have been watching Good Morning America since I was a kid.  It just always appealed to me more than any other morning show. 

I loved Charlie and Diane together.  Even Joan Lunden.

And when Diane, Robin, Chris, and Sam started doing the show together I was ecstatic as I thought their chemistry was perfect for morning tv.  They were professional yet had a charisma, chemistry, and genuine humor together that made it fun to watch. 

So you can imagine my disappointment when the foursome was no longer.  When Diane moved on to the Nightly News and they took Chris away for no apparent good reason I thought maybe just maybe they knew what they were doing.  I mean abc has a host of other great reporters such as David Muir, Bill Weir, Terry Moran, Elizabeth Vargas, Bianna Golddryga, Ashley Banfield, and so one just assumed one of them would step in.  But noooo.....somewhere along the way the producers seemed to lose their way.  In fact, the recent addition of Josh Elliot and Lara Spencer just seems really out of place and flat.

Juding from the message boards, blogs, tweets, and even articles in the paper I have been reading apparently I'm not the only one who feels this way,  It appears a lot of fans are clearly upset with the direction the show has taken. 

All I know is mornings are just not the same.

Bring back the team!

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