Saturday, April 16, 2011

Reality Shows

Okay, so I'd estimate that just about everyone watches at least one reality show.  It seems like there are more reality shows on now then ever before. (although I question if some of these reality shows don't involve acting at times) 

Anyway, I like to watch some of them.  Mainly out of fascination because I cannot believe some of the people, their personalities and lifestyles seem so foreign to me at times that I tend to watch out of amazement that many of them are actually real people.  Although, I don't always like the superficialness, meanness, nor cattiness displayed on some of them, hence I try to watch the ones that are more lighthearted. haha
Which brings me to my man.  I have talked about this before him wanting to be on a reality show, how he talks about wanting to get on Big Brother all the time, and trys out for the show faithfully each April.   Well it is that time of year again and long behold he is on his way to tryouts. (wearing yellow pants and a cardigan, looking rather JCrewish today) 

He has also been contacted about a show A&E is producing.  They are planning on sending people across the world to bet on various things that could range from sports to elephant racing in India.  Which reminds me of the show "I Bet You" featuring those two poker players guys who travel all over doing crazy things as they bet each other who will win.  My thoughts are simply "really another reality show". 

While I try to be supportive and show enthusiasm about his reality show dreams and desires, deep down I'm  rather uncomfortable with the idea.  No doubt when I was 20 I would have probably thought it was cool and a fun idea, but now I just don't have much interest in the whole be on a reality show thing.  Maybe it is because I watch reality shows and know that through editing they often times can portray inaccurate images and personalities of people. 
And honestly who wants to be separated from the one they love for 3 months with absolutely no communication allowed whatsoever?  I don't understand why he would ever desire that. (and maybe that fact alone bothers me the most)  Or maybe I just don't want our life interrupted by such stuff.  I'm more low key and don't desire that kind of attention in our lives.  Know what I mean?   Maybe there are other more important things I think he could focus on in our life than trying to get on a reality show.  Plus, after both being laid off which was scary, my man finally got a job he loves which would be hard to sustain while doing a reality show. I don't know I can't really explain it.

Guess I just feel torn sometimes.  I want to be supportive and enthusiast but I just don't understand it. I've never been one for the limelight.  And I've been out with people here and there, who shall we say are rather easily recognized and could never understand how anyone could like that kind of attention. To have people approaching, staring, or whatever it may be....that just feels like so little privacy and it gets annoying.  I never felt like I needed that kind of attention, nor needed to impress others by what I do or have. 

But you know that is just me, I'm there are many others who love that kind of attention, who would love to be on a reality show and like my man go to the try outs each year.  Just look at all the people that show up for all these various reality tv program auditions.  It is rather amazing. Which is what then got me really wondering what is the main motivation for people wanting to be on these type shows, is it the notoriety they gain or the possibility of winning money?  Or is it both.  

Fact is I love my man, so I will try to be as supportive of these reality show dreams as I can be.  And that is the tricky aspect of any relationship finding ways to be supportive and understanding when you don't always agree or understand.  Not everyones dreams are going to mesh with anothers. Not even everyones values, or what they consider right from wrong are even going to match at times.  And that is where life can be challenging yet also educational, learning to adapt, compromise, and be understanding...yet at the same time stand by what we feel is right or what our own dreams are. 

So that is where I am at today, trying to understand his dreams and desires to be on a reality show.  Maybe I need to talk to Snooki or the Situation to better understand the whole reality tv thing. haha   I don't know as my biggest desire is to live financially comfortable on a quiet beach in a little cottage some place warm with the man and doggie. haha (and maybe there are people trying to understand why I would ever desire that as well)

Ah don't mind my little tangent today, sometimes I just need to express my thoughts.  Today happens to be one of those days. :)  Besides that is what journals are for right....

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  1. I completely understand. I am sure it is frustrating. Feel free to let it out!


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