Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Musings

I might just say this every Monday but it's so true.....this day comes way to fast! 

And why do holidays seem to go by so quickly?  

Delicious food, yummy desserts, play and quality time with the family.  Sometimes it is the simplest of things that can make us happy....

Seriously whenever I spend a day with my niece it seems like the day has gone by before it even officially started.  I mentioned the other day about moments I was dreaming about with the man. (still am)  But added to the top of that list should also be moments with my niece because I love when she spends time with us. 

I love her spirit, her energy, the fascination she has with life, the independent nature she seems to have about wanting to do everything herself and the happiness she spreads.   And I enjoy spending time with my family because they like to do things other then watch tv, can go without their phones for a whole day, which is quite refreshing. haha   Plus, we get to spend the day with the dogs, and outdoors which is always wonderful too!

This Easter we also celebrated my sister and man's birthday as well.  Due to a rough winter, and various family members coming down with things family parties kept getting postponed.   So why not do them all in one day.  And my parents are so sweet as they always make sure to have presents for the man as well.

My man didn't bring home the usual Easter flowers he normally does, but my mother surprised my sister and I with tulips.  I like to plant the bulbs to Tulips, I consider them little reminders of love that blossom each Spring.  

By the way, did I mention it is 80 degrees and sunny in Philly.  Rather unseasonal, and feels like we jumped right into summer with no Spring but that's okay because Winter stuck around too long.  Sunny skies and warm breezes are simply divine.

Maybe since the weather is so amazing I can convince the man to say no to the tv and instead sit outside under the stars with me. haha   Or even shoot a few hoops.  Now that would make this Monday just perfect!

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