Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Musings

Monday musings....The quality of your thoughts create the quality of your life.

So I've mentioned I'm reading, "Excuse Me Your Life Is Waiting".  The whole premise is much like The Secret, essentially based on the law of attraction.  Which states we tend to attract experiences according to the vibrations we send out to the universe, those so called vibrations originate from our emotions, feelings and thoughts. 

The theory that what we think creates our reality, how the power of our feelings unconsciously shapes every moment.   The author basically talks about how paying attention to our feelings is the most important step to changing our lives, making dreams a reality, and basically creating the life we want.

This is a subject I find highly fascinating.  According to her one needs to completely stop dwelling on what one is lacking and instead focus on what one wants to have,be,create, and so on.  The author stresses that we must all find ways to move past the negative, even any wrongs done in the past, as any kind of negative thought will only bring more of it into our lives.
Now by no means does she say this is easy, but she insists the only way to create and bring into our lives what we want is to focus on only the positive, on the very things we dream  And says it must become a part of our lives, to live, act, feel, etc. as if we have exactly what we desire.  She says to visualize with all our senses what it would feel like to have those desires a reality.

I want to put her ideas into motion but wonder if I can.  Truth be told sometimes I'm afraid to think positive, or make my dreams a reality.  Quite frankly at times I'm afraid to feel happy, as I think some past experiences have conditioned me to think it will be taken away or something go wrong.  And so I've almost convinced myself to focus on the negative so as not to set myself up for disappointment, anger, hurt and other such feelings.  Thinking that somehow that will then prepare me for when things don't work out, or something happens.  I know, I know makes no sense right.  And I know I need to change that way of thinking once and for all.

Honestly, I'm not even sure how or when exactly my thinking took a tad of a pessimistic turn.  When I was young I think I unconsciously lived by the law of attraction and for the most part was rather bodacious.  Always seemed to follow my heart, did what felt right, did not waiver often from my beliefs, ideals, values and truly believed I could achieve anything I really desired. 

But then somehow, at some point, I got off  that optimistic path.  Or better yet I think I lost my trust and belief in the goodness of people and the world around me which in turn brought more pessimistic thoughts into my world . Maybe it was the reality of life I encountered as I got older, the hurts, disappointments, and out right scary moments that seemed to changed the positive into a more fearful way of thinking.  And I think a few health issues I went through also left a scar of fear which has been hard to overcome as well. 

It's been awhile since I have felt all encompassing positive energy or vibration.  And I do wonder if it is because I could not, or better yet was apprehensive, to take my focus off the negatives.  I focused, dwelled and in ways even seem to accept things that upset/hurt me, sometimes went against my beliefs/ideals, gave into my fears, let negative people and situations into my life, let my dreams take a backseat, and the list goes on.  Which actually did seem to bring more negativity rather than positivity into my world, as the book points out can happen.

Although, I do believe things also happen to help us learn and make us better people so there can be a lesson found in every moment, sometimes you have to have negative moments to understand the positive ones.  The main point is though to not dwell or focus on those negative moments but to either turn them into something positive or simply focus on something else.  So much easier said than done though.

I would like to try and see if there is truth to the theory that our feelings and/or thoughts actually do influence our reality.  To slowly but surely try to change my way of thinking, to get back on the path, to let go of those things, situations, people, and anything else that brings negativity into my world.  To learn to let the fearful, pessimistic thoughts go and to focus on anything but them.  And if I can't rid my world of negativity I will at least learn to teach myself not to dwell on it, to focus on instead what I truly want and what is right.  It is going to be challenging and I hope on those days when everything feels like it is going wrong I can sustain a positive vibration!

Step one.....Think the things you want.

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  1. Thinking happy! Let me know how it goes. I am intrigued!


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