Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Musings

Monday again?  This day seems to come faster than any other. 

Spent yesterday watching one of my favorite golf tournaments....The Masters.  It is such a beautiful golf course.  Going into it I never imagined one of my favorite golfers, Adam Scott, would be in contention to win the thing.  I got so excited at the prospect of him winning, when at the very last minute Schwartzel pulled ahead I could not believe it.   In case you aren't familiar with golf, or know who he is, see image below.

And that is the very reason I have a hard time watching sports because I like sports, the fact I tend to take it a little too serious at times, and  if the team or individual I desire to win does not, well I am left with that awful disappointment feeling.   Oh another note Adam Scott's game has improved and looks rather solid, it was fun to watch!

Saturday I got to spend time with my family, and play with my niece. Oh to see the world through her eyes.  She is so curious and loves to ask why.  If only we could all hold onto that wonder, curiosity, innocence, kindness, and playfulness as we age.  Being around her simply makes me smile.

The weather here is still a little cool, and it has been filled with showers.  Could it be true that April showers really do bring May flowers?  I'm growing impatience though as I want to feel the warm air that accompanies Spring, want to start planting flowers, and want to shed the layers I wear to stay warm.  Really wish it would just warm up to the high 70's, that would be ideal.  

Which bring me to gardening, this Monday I'm trying to decide what we can plant/grow on a budget.  In years past when working I spent a decent amount of plants but this year I need to keep costs low but I love flowers so I'm trying to figure out how exactly how to go about it.  Usually I buy flowers that are already a good size but I'm toying with the idea of trying to start the plants from seed.  As seeds tend to be cheaper but will they grow to the size I need them to or even bloom the first season, and for that fact will the seeds even germinate if I plant them directly.  Anyone have any experience growing plants such as annuals and perennials directly from seed?

Monday is here which means it is time to get some work done.  Hope your Monday is filled it lots of laughs and happiness.  Blessings!

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