Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Musings

Why do I feel like I write it is Monday once again, more often than I write any other day of the week?  Seriously, where do the weekends go?   The man starts rambling about it on Sundays, how Fridays just seems to arrive and next thing you know it's Sunday night,  we are then left to reflect on where the weekend went and how fast they seem to go compared to the normal workweek.

It is possible that maybe, just maybe it might be good for the economy if we had four day work weeks, and three day weekends.  At if not for nothing, at least it would be good for people's spirits, a moral booster of some sorts. 

So Friday we watched Wall Street Never Sleeps, we were looking forward to it as we both enjoyed the first.  My advice, wait until this movie is being shown for free, even then it is not worth watching.  Compared to the first Wall Street, it is down right boring and the actors they chose just do not fit the roles.  We found ourselves wanting to fast forward most of the movie.  The only thing we liked about it was the surround sound we have going in our place, movies sound so great now!

Saturday I hosed down the front patio, and all the furniture in hopes Spring will arrive soon.  Our temperatures here are still averaging below normal, and chilly.  Come evening we went on a little date night to try out this Tavern we have passed a few times that always seems to be crowded.  We now understand why as the food was delicious, and worth the little wait.  Big juicy burgers was the order of the night.  Their burger menu alone was a nice variety.  So if you are ever in the Philly area, drive a little north to Jenkintown and check out the Drake Tavern. 

Sunday morning started out a little rough as my stomach gave me some troubles, which then brought on some palpitations and it all left me feeling quite anxious.  Did I mention I have the ultimate sensitive stomach, or actually overall sensitive body.  That is what I get for eating all that delicious fried food I guess, and finishing a two pound burger.  So the afternoon was spent lazily lounging as we dozed while watching the Flyers/Rangers game.  Perfect way to spend a Sunday.  And we always seem to like opposing teams so it can make the games rather interesting at times. (of course the man has a much fouler mouth than me when it comes to trash talking) haha

Big game tonight who will win the college championship....Butler or UConn?  UConn seems to be on such a winning streak that I almost feel sorry for Butler having to play a team that hasn't lost a game since the big east Tournament began.  And of course when my team isn't playing I always try to root for the let's go Butler. 

Anyway, there need to be more days in the weekends that's all I'm saying.  More time for fun, relaxation, and families to spend together.  Besides that is what is important in life, and yet more time is given to work then family.  Just doesn't seem right if you ask me there needs to be way more time for those we love and for those things we love, and less time spent at work with people we don't love and doing things that in the grande scheme of life don't make us as happy as our hobbies.  Well that is just my opinion. haha

Happy Monday, may it be filled with whatever good things we can all dream! 

If only the office could be these chairs overlooking such beauty.

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