Friday, April 22, 2011

A Little Dreaming

"Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake"

And one can always dream a little.....

You see some days I wonder if our life might not be too centered around technology.  For example, the tv goes on as soon as we wake up, again when the man walks in door from work, stays on until bed.(and all day on weekends)  We even eat in front of the tv.  He spends all day working on the computer (as I often do too), only to come home to work on the computer, and weekends too. The blackberry is overloaded with texts 24/7.  Shopping, family parties, sporting events, etc., always seem to involve some form of technological interruption.  It's much like a circuit overload.

It got me thinking how play, fun, conversation, non tech moments, dates, etc., feel as if they take somewhat of a backseat.  I actually get excited to go to Target together. (even more excited if there is no phone involved)   And just the other day he cut the lawn, which as corny as this may sound, I thought was extremely hot! (maybe its due to the fact I don't see that side of him often) 

And so I am daydreaming a little bit today, thinking about how fun it would be to share more moments like these together (with no phones, computers or tv).....

Breakfast in bed....spent chatting about life, plans for the day, dreams, or whatever comes to mind.  Or even go pick up breakfast and read the paper together.

Strolls around the neighborhood, walks in the park, walking the dog together, just time spend  enjoying nature.

Sitting on the patio swing together in the evening after work.   My grandparents used to do this together when the weather was nice,always found it incredibly endearing and sweet.

Or sometimes simply eating dinner at our kitchen table, which could be made to look just as lovely as this one.  Instead of always watching tv while we eat.

Creating a fruit and vegetable garden as we often talk about.

Golfing. In my dreams golf  every other Saturday morning. (I say in my dreams because golf tends to be expensive)  And lots of mini golf dates. (I love mini golf)

Days or weekends spent at the beach.  Little getaways in the summer or winter spent on the beach with no tvs, laptops, or cell phones.  Followed by a nice dinner or stroll on the boardwalk in the evening.

Some playful silly moments.

Or possibly game night.

Philly has a great art musuem we could browse for free on Sunday mornings.

A favorite of mine star gazing.

Work on a smart financial plan together. (might as well be a little productive too) 

Purchase our own little cottage house. (or at least create a plan that would get us on the path)

Fill each day with affectionate moments and loving gestures. (small or grand) haha

Okay I could have used a real photo of us for this caption but I enjoyed dreaming of a little Twilight romance.  : )

I think all those little dreams of mine today are worth giving up a little technology for.  Nothing is more special  than giving those we love our full undivided attention if not everyday, at least a few times a week.  Just having moments where being together or actual conversation is more important than what is on the tv, who is on the phone, or what flashes across the computer.  That is just my opinion though and maybe in our highly advanced high tech society I'm in the minority when it comes to thinking as such but either way I'll keep on dreaming.....

And I did find this interesting study done that suggests that couples who play together, stay together.  Seems the correlation between fun and relationship happiness is high and significant. So maybe I am on to something after all.

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  1. I sometimes fuss at Jay for his Xbox, and he fusses at me over my Blackberry- but something we do when we actually have the chance to eat dinner at home together (schedules are crazy!), is eat at the table. We both really enjoy it more than eating in front of the tv!
    Love your header by the way! :)


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