Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Musings

Another Monday where I feel at a loss for words. And quite truthfully it is not so much that I am at a loss for words, as it is I have too much to say and not enough patience to write it concisely down. My thoughts seem to be all over the place. 

Oh I have composed a few posts but they are more me journaling my emotions, and not quite being sure if I want to share those details with the world.  In some regards those very personal, deep thoughts can be hard to let just anyone read.

And that is where blogging is difficult as the whole purpose behind my blog was to be able to journal my true feelings and thoughts, but some days those blogs I start writing just end up as drafts that will never be posted.  Truth be told there are just some blogs that I feel would be hard for anyone who didn't know me personally to truly understand. 

And some of what I choose to write might actually be misunderstood at times as well.  That's one of  the reasons I dislike texting because so much can be misconstrued, lets face it written words are basically interpreted by each individual.  Two people can read the same book and come away with two completely different ideas of what the book was about. 

Anyway, the weekend was a mellow one.  And rather cold here in Philly.  We are 12 degrees below normal temperature wise.  Spring seriously cannot get here soon enough.

Saturday was basically spent watching basketball.  It was the mans birthday so made him a nice steak dinner, followed by a homemade cake and presents.  And he got some nice rubs on both Sat/Sun as well.   We were suppose to go to a family party, which I had really been looking forward to, but my niece and sister came down with pink eye in both eyes.  That was definitely a little disappointing as I adore any moments I get to spend with my neice and family.

And Sunday seemed to start off as a good day yesterday turned into a little bit of a stressful night and left me feeling like some days I give more than I get back in certain areas of my life.  I know, I know those are things I should not dwell on.  Nor just because I was feeling that way does it mean it is true, but there are moments of life where sometimes as humans we just want to know that others care about us, about our feelings, needs, desires, dreams, thoughts, views, etc., just as much as we care about theirs.  And there are going to be moments where sometimes we feel like we might care more.  That is life.

Oh and I have to go back to the dr tomorrow because it feels like another blood clot has developed.  Seriously, this has me a nervous wreck because I haven't exactly healed from the previous one.  And it was so painful that I cannot imagine going through it all again. Not to mention the feeling of having to be dependent on others if they confine me to bed rest again. Ugh.  When I said the other day that my immune system needs a serious boost I meant it.

Well it's Monday and that means it is time to start anew.  This week can be amazing or not, it is up to us to make it the best we possibly can.  Think positive, have hope and smile we are one day closer to Friday! haha

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  1. You summed up the whole sharing too much etc with blogging. You want to be honest, but how honest do you want to be?


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