Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Musings

Monday again.

So many thoughts today that I cannot seem to organize into any kind of order.  My writing may just be all over the place.

There is a certain point during the winter that I always seem to lose inspiration, and become bogged down by the cold weather and what seem like endless cloudy days.  So for me Spring could not come soon enough.  I miss the warm weather, sunny days and flowers in bloom.  Wish that somehow the warm weather season could last a little longer.  There just isn't enough warm days, nor flower and garden season.  I need those inspirations.  Combine my winter blah with all the other stuff I have seemed to have going on lately and my writing has lacked.

Lately the man has been waking up at ridiculously early hours, and me being a light sleeper, well I pretty much awake too.  Honestly 4 and 5 am are just too early.  I miss my 7 to 8 hours of sleep.  And it worries me because the more he does it the more routine it will become for his body to wake up at such early hours.  They say 5 or less hours sleep a night can have a really negative affect on the body.  Actually I think lack of sleep can bring on crankiness, and/or real sleepy moments by afternoon.

So both Philly teams were eliminated from the NCAA Tourney, first Villanova then Temple.  And poor Temple and Penn State had to play each other in the first round.  No fair.  So now it has lost some of it's luster as it is always more fun when your team advances.  Should be interesting to see who advances as there have been some very close games.

Finally used a certificate I have had laying around for years now from Inspired Silver, only to get the ring and have it be chipped all around the rim of both sides. What a shame because I love the look of the ring.  If anyone knows of any other sites or stores that sell inexpensive chunky silver bands please let me know.  Thanks.

Well honestly this Monday has been a busy one and all I want to do is curl up under the covers and do a little snuggling.  Maybe daydream about what kind of gardens to plant when it actually does warm up.  Ahhhh....Mondays aren't they grande.  Happy Spring!


Please feel free to share your thoughts. Blessings!

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