Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Immune Boost

"Today....we have the chance to create our life exactly as we want it."

So, I've mentioned this before but I need to get serious about it.  My immune system seems to be at an all time low....in one year I've had more colds than I had in ten years, if I get a bruise it seems to linger, and I've come down with so many other odd ailments.  I've had blood work which tested fine but no one can seem to explain how my immune system seems to have taken such a hit.  And I'm guessing it is somewhat of a combination of factors that have contributed and eventually had a cumulative effect.

And I realize I can't just sit around hoping and waiting for it to rebound, it is time to make some changes. 

First I need to find a place of calm in my soul, a place where the stresses of life can't seem to access so readily. I need to feel more of a sense of trust, faith, and overall goodness in my life.  And need to create more fun moments spent laughing, and less time spent worrying.  Emotions do play a big part in our overall well being. Our hearts and minds needs to be nourished in more ways then just ingesting healthy foods. 

I'm thinking I should try reading books that make me feel happy or inspire. Maybe turn off the negative news/tv programs for more comedies/ uplifting programs.  Immerse my soul in things that bring me a sense of joy, and surround myself with loving, happy souls.  More time spend snuggling with those I love. Just some ideas.

Second I need to find ways of boosting my immune system for which I am keeping an open mind and willing to try just about anything. (well as long as it is compatible with this medication I take for my fast heart rate)  I bought some chewable vitamins at Target that are delicious....a multi, Omego 3 and calcium.  I feel like I cook healthy meals, the whole meat, potato, and veggie combo, but maybe I need  to add more vegetables.  And if I'm taking calcium maybe I should add magnesium. 

Third I need to add some movement to my day, not just cleaning the house. (although it is a workout in itself)  Maybe add yoga might be a good place to start, and maybe try my hand at meditating again. (although both I find hard as I get ancy)  I would also love to sign up for dance lessons with the man, as I hear they can be incredibly fun.  I'm trying real hard to convince him we should work out together, it would be a great way to spend our down time together. (although nothing crazy because he isn't suppose to be doing anything too strenuous with his neck/back)  He gets busy with his website so we don't get a lot of date type moments so I thought light working out might be a lot of fun.  Maybe even buy ourselves bikes! (we'll see as I know this will take A LOT of convincing)  Even a walk after dinner each evening would be perfect!

Fourth, the biggest goal of mine is to start praying everyday.  I say I'm going to, and I do for a little, then something always seems to get me off track.  And I cannot let that happen.  Guess you could say I would like to feel more spirituality in my life.  It is similar to that magical feeling I get on warm summer days, looking at flowers, relaxing at the beach, or when gazing at the stars. And incredibly hard to put into words.  Sometimes I've just had moments where things that have happened in life have questioned my beliefs, faith, and overall feeling of goodness in people but I cannot let that happen.  And I admit I have never been an overly religious individual to begin with, I'm one of those types who questions everything, to be able to find more faith and pray daily would be an incredible accomplishment. And I believe a very rewarding one as well.

The plan is to research ways to increase the immune system but I'm also hoping that maybe anyone who reads this also might have some suggestions too.  I wonder has anyone tried any of these products people talk about that supposedly boost the immune system such as Avemar?  Or what vitamins or foods might help?  I consider myself fairly knowledgeable in the health and wellness area but I've definitely gotten away from it the past few years.  So maybe there are new products on the market that I am not familiar with.  It is time to brainstorm.  To give my immune system the boost it needs.

I'm open to any and all suggestions.....

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