Thursday, March 24, 2011

Beautiful Dreams

Dream beautiful dreams, believe in yourself and the perseverance to make them come true.

I think it is a fact that everyone dreams.  It is the one of those things that pretty much at one time or another everyone in this universe does.  But out of all those dreams people dream, how many become a reality....

Life gets in the way sometimes.  Things happen that change what we dreamed our life might be or might have in it.  But that doesn't mean we should give up dreaming, or stop believing in our dreams.  Any dream has the potential to be a reality, maybe sometimes it might need to be tweaked here or there.  Or maybe as our lives change we simply need to create new dreams too.

But today we should not worry about any of that.  Just dream.  Maybe even write those dreams in a journal.  We live in a world where anything is possible, but first we must realize what our dreams truly are.  That is a lesson I am continually learning.  If we don't have any concrete dreams, if we don't know what our dreams truly are or what we truly desire in life, then how can we possibly make our dreams come true.

Truth is.... maybe not all our dreams will come true, maybe there are more important things we are meant to to be or do, but if we don't dream or try to make our dreams a reality we will never know.

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