Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Romance Ideas

I don't know if it's all the ads toting Valentine's Day, or all the romantic books I seem to be reading lately.  But I'm wondering today just how many couples give their relationships the attention it truly needs.  Or really take the time to express love.

You know because relationships are like plants, if you don't nurture and feed them they eventually wither away.  It's true.  It is like a job, if you don't put in the work and attention required each day, well one is pretty much guaranteed to be out of a job quickly. 

Anything in life worthwhile requires nurturing.  And that is why I sometimes wonder if the high divorce rate we so often read about is because that somewhere along the way people just forgot the nurturing part?

Think about it.... how many times might we take for granted the very people that should be at the center of our days and nights.  How many times might a simple "I love you" everyday change another's world?  Or how might simply taking the time to snuggle each night, hold hands, make love or show some form of loving affection really strengthen the bond between two?  Or even something as simple as listening, being present or giving another a little time especially for them?  Or even just sending a loving text, making coffee, or cleaning ones care of snow?  Those little acts of love....you know?

Keeping the spark alive of any relationship requires finding ways to show our appreciation to each other, not once every so often.....but finding ways to show our love and appreciation every day if possible, or at least every week.  Love only becomes as strong as we create and build it to be. (and it is easy to overlook how wonderful or amazing someone is when you see them everyday or daily routines get in the way)

And now with such a romantic holiday quickly approaching there are books written on everything from how to be romantic to little coupon books filled with romantic ideas. But the meaning of romance varies widely from person to person, but at its heart, romance involves doing something to express affection in a meaningful way. And sometimes romance requires creativity and sincerity, inspired by love. As what is romantic to one might not be considered romantic by another.

Romance be expressed everyday, it doesn't have to be expensive or anything crazy.   It is simple acknowledging how special someone is. There are unlimited ways to express it.  Simply try to recognize what makes your partner unique, what are their interests, obsessions, fantasies, what makes them light up, what makes them happy, etc..  Essentially it is finding those little moments, little ways, whatever you want to call it....to make the other feel happy and loved.

So here are some ideas and ways to be romantic.

1. Give a card and in it write the reasons why you love him or her. (maybe make a list of 10-20 things)
2. Serve him or her breakfast in bed.
3. Send a romantic text.
4. Surprise him or her with a little unexpected gift.
5. Kiss.
6. Light candles at dinnertime.
7. Offer to help with chores or work.
8. Send a love email every day. Or even an e card.
9. Give a full body massage.
10. Hold hands, take a walk together.
11. Turn off the tv, create quiet time to talk about your day.
12. Call your partner during the day just to say hi, thinking of you, love you, whatever.
13. Cook a special dinner together.
14. Say I love you often, slowly, and with feeling.
15. Take an interest in your partner's interests.
16. Leave little love notes around the house, under pillows, in briefcase, car.
17. Surprise him or her with take out dinner, or stop by work to take them out to lunch.
18. Send flowers for no reason.
19. Take a vacation together with no distractions from the outside world.
20. Buy lingerie, boxers, or something intimate for the other.
21. Take a bath or shower together.
22. Burn a cd with songs that remind you of your partner. or are meaningful to the relationship.
23. Slow dance. (may feel odd at first but it is quite fun)
24. Star gaze while laying on a blanket together outside.
25. Prepare a special dessert.
26. Play board games.
27. Explore new places, take a class together.
28. Work out together.
29. Make out, hug, embrace in moments of unexpected affection.
30. Create a photo album of your favorite moments.
31. Take a nap cuddled into one another.
32. Go to or rent a romantic movie.
33. Have a picnic.
34. Spend the day at the beach.
35. Watch the sunrise or sunset together.
36. Plant something together to symbolize the relationship.
37. Make special time to spend with each other with no distractions.
38. Write an old fashioned love letter and send it in the mail.
39. Look good for your partner. (Dress nice, clean up, smell good,etc.)
40.  Listen.  Truly give them your full attention when talking.
41. Golf together.
42. Plan weekly dates.
43. Smile. Laugh. Be silly with each other.
44. Play with the dog, kids,etc together.
45. Make time each day for each other.
46.  Pray together.
47. Write a poem or the lyrics to a song that makes you think about your partner.
48. Be there for your partner no matter what.
49. Love unconditionally.
50. Do whatever you think will make them happy that is what romance is essentially.

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