Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Monday Musings

Monday is done but I have yet to catch up to this week.....

Instead of fading the pain has steadily increased to the point the dr wants to see me again.  Greattttt......how am I going to possibly drive to the office when I can barely sit!  (I'm feeling a tad irritated but trying to remain upbeat)  And trying to read lots of inspirational stuff but honestly sometimes it can be hard to remain positive when every part of you feels like it just wants to hide under the blankets. (so if you know of some great inspirational sites send me links please)

The cold progressed into some harsh coughing, and major congestion which I'm sure is affecting the other as well.  I was told to limit activity, to not even go shopping....to simply rest.  Rest? (much harder sometimes than we think)  And I'm afraid the coughing is too strenuous it may have actually caused more problems. 

Let me tell you last week started off so promising.  Nice Valentine's Day (even if the man did wait to last minute) but we cooked dinner together and ate by candlelight which was very nice.  Then spent another great day hanging out and having fun with niece/ sister with a delicious lunch at Olive Garden too.  But come Wednesday things  took a turn for the not so good with the clot.  And basically been out of commission since. 

Although did try to attend a family party on Saturday that had been planned months in advance but with the pain I felt it was very hard to enjoy it.  Though spending time with my niece helped raise my spirits for sure. (oh the high winds that engulfed the northeast actually caused loss of power at the party too)

Which brings me into this week, and this is not the way I imagined starting it. 
It felt like I went years without colds now I seem to be making up for it.(even though I wash my hands all the time and feel I eat good)  Of course my niece does tend to bring home a lot from daycare, even my sister/brother in law have been sick a lot more than they ever were before, so maybe that could also be it?   And all these other little quirks have popped up as well which I think could be equally tied to each other in some way.  But still I'd like to know if there is some better way to prevent such stuff.

All I want to do is feel good. It is just so frustrating to feel such pain and not be able to do anything about it.  And even something as simple as a head cold can feel overwhelming when you are not allowed to take a decongestant or NyQuil type remedy.  There just isn't anything all natural that takes away such stuff.  Combine the intensely strong pain with the cold and well it can't be justly described in words.

Wish I could take a little mini vacation to the beach,  some place where I could lay feeling the warmth of the sun all day and listen to the sound of the ocean. Since that isn't a reality the best I can do I create a visualization and hope that helps a little.  I'm using the mans little netbook so can't share some of the recent photos I've taken, and don't have the patience to browse for a photo of the little vacation image I'm visualizing at the moment.  So this will be another imageless post. 

So on that note I'm going to go daydream a little.  Hey I'm stuck laying on the couch so what better way to spend it then daydreaming a little......

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