Saturday, January 22, 2011

What Is With My Dreams

Seriously, sometimes I have the most intense dreams.  The kind where it is hard to distinguish dream from actual reality.  That is how vivid, detailed, and very emotionally tense they can feel.  And I guess it's not something I would complain about really because for the most part they are rather enlightening and at times quite enjoyable.

I guess it is the sheer vividness and feeling that amaze me the most.  And even when I wake they can leave such an impression, and lingering feelings.

So last nights dream started off at a football game but that part wasn't as vivid, then we were at a blond woman's southern home, no idea who the woman was.  But it was a rather large party, in a beautiful house. That is where everything seemed to become so vivid and detailed.  A lot seemed to happened but I'll skip to the highlight.  None other then Tebow happened to be flirting with me.  I mean we are talking about the kind of flirting you do when enthralled with another. I could literally feel his desire in the dream.  And it seemed to go on for awhile.  Not a bad dream right? 

The interesting part is I woke up for a little, and when I fell back asleep I seemed to go right back into this dream scenario.  This time though it was the next day, woke up at the same house the party had been at, had an amazing breakfast with all these people I didn't know (it was amazing all the detailed conversation that went on) and then we were heading to golf, and you guessed it Tebow appears behind me all cheery, flirty, and wanting to golf with me. Of course, the loud music from my neighbors car idling next door awoke me.  Oh well, the dream was fun and happy....which is all that really matters right.  ; )

Not to mention those type dreams are better than the ones I've had where I'm running from huge Tidal Waves.  Of course, those can be interesting too because of the details in the waves, the emotions, and the various other people that show up in them. 

But that is why I say, what is with my dreams.  Seriously, the fact that they can have such an emotional feel.  And the detail sometimes are just amazing.  I just wonder what is behind dreams, you know?  Why do we dream?  Why do we dream of the things we do?  Do dreams have some kind of meaning?  Or are dreams just images, thoughts, information from our day or fantasies of ours playing out at night?

Maybe I should start a dream journal, leave a pretty notebook by my bed, and try to write whatever I can recall from the dreams the night before.  Might be interesting.

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