Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tech Detox

So while eating breakfast this morning I happened to flip on Regis and Kelly, Kelly happened to be hosting the show with her husband.  Who mentioned an article in the Wall Street Journal this morning entitled Your Blackberry or Your Wife.

Check it out here:  http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703779704576073801833991620.html?mod=WSJ_Tech_RIGHTTopCarousel_1

I enjoyed the article because I have felt for a long time that technology can have a very detrimental affect on relationships of all kinds.  Within the article is this little excerpt, which people can compare themselves to, to see how their technology behavior may hurt their relationships.  And Kelly was saying how her hubby demonstrates many of those signs.

10 Signs Your Devices Are Hurting Your Relationships:
1. You can't get through a meal without emailing, texting or talking on the phone.
2. You look at more than one screen at a time, checking email while watching television, for example.
3. You regularly email or text, other than for something urgent, while your partner or another family member is with you.
4. You sleep with your phone near you, and you check your email or texts while in bed.
5. You log onto your computer while in bed.
6. You have had an argument with a loved one about your use of technology.
7. You text or email while driving.
8. You no longer go outside for fun.
9. You never turn off your phone.
10. When you spend time with your family—a meal, a drive, hanging out—each person is looking at a different screen.

So I sent this article to my man, who got rather defensive. haha  Of course because at least 9 out of 10 of those listed describe him!  

I often wonder why him and his friends don't focus more on their own lives. (seriously his friends will text while playing with their kids, out with their wives, watching games, they can't take poops without texting)   And no matter what we do....whether it be driving, shopping, sporting events, eating dinner, in bed, he is typing away.  And he cannot understand how I find it annoying/rude, not to mention dangerous at times.

Omg, maybe I am just too old school or something.  Maybe I should have grown up in the 60's. lol lol 

It is hard to have a conversation with someone that is engaged in a text conversation.  As a person texting is definitely distracted and their thoughts focused elsewhere.  There just has to be more moments that involve less technology!

"For all our constant connectivity, our electronic devices often keep us apart. Texting causes misunderstandings. Facebook makes us jealous. Television makes us too lazy or tired or distracted for sex. (Don't believe me? A few years ago, an Italian study showed that couples who have a TV in the bedroom have sex half as often as those who do not.)"

I could not have said it any better myself, in fact I smiled when I read it.  If it weren't for me asking that the tv be shut off to sleep, my man would keep the tv on 24/7.  (we can't even have a romantic moment without it on)  Seriously, trust me I know how distracting tv can be! haha

A friend of mine just took a vacation with her husband, they decided to leave all technology behind no phones, computers, nothing.  And while she said it felt unusual at first...she also said it was the best vacation they ever took.  That sounds perfect to me!!!!  

In fact, the whole idea of a tech detox, which they mention in the article, sounds like a great idea.

I myself am making a conscious effort to not spend too much time on the computer, to put my phone in
another room and leave it there, and to most importantly focus on the present moment, the people I'm with, and to try to enjoy those moments of life that technology just cannot give us. 

Such as the sunrises and sunsets, the taste of a delicious meal enjoyed with another, the energy of an arena filled with passionate fans, the enlightenment that having a real conversation brings, the joy of really laughing with others instead of typing lol, the feel of my dog snuggled against me who would much rather have my full attention, and so many more real moments that phones just cannot possibly touch.

So it also left me wondering.....how do we get people to become more engaged in their surroundings and less engaged on their phones. How do we get our partners, our friends, our family, to tune out their phones and tune into the moment? (just asking doesn't always seem to have a lasting affect)



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  1. Such a great post! These are all things I've wanted to work on, and have been (slowly, but surely!)- it IS sad how relationships/friendships have become with the advancements in technology.


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