Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow Passion

Live and work but do not forget to play, to have fun in life and really enjoy it.

So as I mentioned last week I want to bring more passion into my life.  You know more happiness and overall fun, with  little moments of laughter as well.

What better time to put it into action than this morning!

My man is funny in the mornings. He usually wakes up before me, has this whole little routine of making somewhat of a ruckus....starts with his alarm, then some loud yawning, tossing/turning, scrolling the blackberry,  and then stares at me to see if I'm awake yet so he can turn on the tv.  Like I've said before the man is glued to the tv!  But of course this morning is different because we are waking up to snow after blizzard conditions last evening.

So instead of getting annoyed at the tv, I decide to go create some passion.  (hey get your mind out of the gutter the man would never go for something like that first thing in the morning...nope he won't waiver from routine) haha  I'm talking about snow! 

I always had a passion for playing in the snow, and still do. Thought to myself what a perfect time to just go have a little fun.  So I got my camera, got Angel all bundled up in her little winter coat, and we went out in the snow to play!   What a surprise though because there was even more snow than I imagined.  Little Angel could not even walk until a path was shoveled for her. 

I looked at my car and it was barely visible.  What an amazing display of snow.  The street had not been ploughed, everything pretty much delayed or closed, and there was a beautiful, peaceful feeling to this snow covered morning.  So I jumped in the snow, and you know what.....had myself some moments of
simple fun!

Then the man decided to come out, but his playful side was not to be shown this morning...he meant business.  Usually in the past he would have just stayed home using the snow as a buffer but with this new job he seems to be turning over what appears a  new leaf.(which is great)  But maybe this once
 it wasn't the best time to be gun ho to go to work....trains,buses were all either cancelled or delayed, the street was not ploughed, poor road conditions, etc..  And so as he backs out of the driveway his car gets stuck in the street! 

By this time I was already in the house.  He calls me from his cell saying he is stuck and to come help shovel
him out as he can't even open the car door. (the snow was that high)  So there I am all 100 lbs of me trying to dig him and his car out. haha  It was hilarious, I could not stop laughing at what we must have looked like out there. (Though I don't think my man was as amused)  And I also tried to capture it on film, all I hear from him is stop taking photos get serious and dig. haha  Anyway, after 20-30 mins of digging and gunning the car we got it almost in the driveway. 

From there the man had to walk to the train station.  And then I finally notice what he is wearing and it wasn't winter attire. So off he went in loafers, and a spring type coat over his office attire.  Usually he wears a wool coat, and he even has stylish boots he could easily wear to work but nope my man sets off in a ft of snow looking like he just stepped out of a Ralph Lauren Spring Ad.  He had to be freezing and his feet icicles by the time he walked to the train through all that snow.  I guess his rationale was he didn't want to get his good wool coat or nice boots dirty.  And no he would not let me capture it on film. ; )

And I realized that my car is stuck too. (that is what we get for driving such low to the ground models)  My car sits so low I cannot pull into the steep sloped driveway without making a horrible scrapping sound, so I only do it when it snows.

What a morning. But I will say was fun playing in the snow.  Definitely had some good laughs as well. And since I am snowed in think I may just go back outside to take more photos, maybe even build a snowman, because sometimes in life you just have to have fun, enjoy the moment, appreciate the beauty around you, immerse yourself in nature, engage your passion, and most importantly find happiness in those little moments!

In every real person a child is hidden that wants to play. 

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