Thursday, January 20, 2011


"Take your passion, and make it happen" - those are the words from the song and movie Flashdance. While the movie might not have been Academy Award stuff I believe it would at least be considered inspirational.  And so I looked up the word passion..... 

Passion: 1.any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling. 2. strong amorous feeling or desire  3.strong love or sexual desire  4. a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything  5. the object of such a fondness or desire: 6. an outburst of strong emotion or feeling 7. the state of being acted upon or affected by something external

Passion....yes I've decided my life is lacking it, or maybe I just need more of it!  

Because it isn't so much that it is lacking passion, more as if my passion seems subdued. As if I don't have the opportunity to express it as often as I may like. And at times have lost sight of the things that bring me passion due to the daily grind of life. And there are those days I have too much energy, or as I like to call it adrenaline, so maybe I also need to learn how to channel passion.

So I've decided that I'm embarking on a journey to bring more passion into my life. In all areas of my life: work, play, relationships, interests, you name it. ; )

"If there is no passion in your life, then have you really lived?  Find your passion, whatever it may be. Become it, and let it become you and you will find great things happen for you, to you and because of you."

So the key is understanding what I am most passionate about in life. And in what moments do I feel most passionate?  Or bring me the most happiness?  Because essentially passion, happiness, energy, love, they are all related.

"If you have ever felt such tremendous enthusiasm and desire for something that you would gladly spend all your waking hours working on it, that you would happily do without pay, then you have found your passion."

So with that in mind I'm going to simply write whatever comes to mind that makes me happy, because whatever makes one happy usually ignites passion as well.  At least I think.

* Painting/Creating/Designing
* Gardening/Flowers/House Plants
* Beach/Ocean/Seashells
* Affection/Love/Kisses/Hugs/Snuggling
* Dogs
* Books/Reading/Learning/Knowledge
* Travel
* Outdoors/Warm Weather/Sunny Days
* Cooking/Trying New Recipes
* Photography
* Helping Others/Trying To Make A Difference/Wanting To Make The World A Better Place
* Golf/Mini Golf/Chip And Putt
* Good Conversation
* Shopping
* Inspirational Items/Books/Prayers/People
* Kind, Compassionate, Honest, Loyal, Non Judgemental, Understanding, Drug Free, Loving People.
* Board Games, Video Games, Tossing A Football, Shooting Hoops
* Laughing, Silly Moments

But having wrote that the next step is trying to incorporate those passions, that enthusiasm, those loves into daily life. That is the hard part. And sometimes passion isn't always readily accepted by those around us, by individuals, by workplaces, by society. As I have come across many a people and/or environment that have a tight, repressed, quiet, lacking any kind of passion mentality.

"Passion is to kiss or to hug and to prove that action speaks louder than words."

"'Passion' a word which involves so many feelings; I feel it when we touch, I feel it when we kiss, I feel it when I look at you. For you are my passion, my one true love."

When I read such quotes I know I somehow need to incorporate not only more passion into my life but my relationship as well.  I want and need to have more affectionate moments....more kisses,hugs, and love.  To be able to express my passion when I feel it. Embracing in kisses that go beyond a peck, big  warm bear hugs, and sizzling snuggle moments.  And in general to create more loving energy! 

Just writing this post is making me feel energized but where to begin is always the key.  How to stay on track with the idea.  How to really bring more passion to every day.  How to incorporate more passion into our life together.  How to find a job I'm passionate about.  How to maintain passion on a consistent basis.

So let's see if like the song says I can make the passion happen!  ; )

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  1. I would love to see what this world would be like if there were even but a few more people consumed with raw passion...

    Great post my friend.


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