Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's and Resolutions

Happy New Year!  First let me just say that I was wide awake, wanting to ring in the New Year with some fun.  We had no major party plans but to play some Wii and board games, which is fun in my book.   But of course the man turned into a party pooper.

After a few rounds of boogle my man was done, claimed he didn't want to play wii because he always wins. (even though he doesn't)   In fact I finally convinced him to play on New Years Day and I won all bowling matches, and came within 3 strokes of beating him at golf)  Take that baby!  ; ) 

Anyway....the party pooper was asleep by 11:30, so I watched the ball drop, and people in Time Square embrace in kisses, then glanced over as my man snored the night away.   Holidays just aren't his thing. haha  Although, he did try to make up for his lack of participation on New Years Eve by going out and geting some very pretty flowers on New Years Day! 

Which got me thinking.  It is time for some New Years resolutions, changes, whatever you want to call it.  And fun and laughter has to be at the center of them!   No more New Years laying in bed half asleep....come on we can do that any night of the week.  If he wants to stay home that is fine but fun has to be involved.  ; )

New Year's resolutions never really appealled to me.  For whatever the reason I always tend to become distracted from the lists or ideas I come up with.  Yet as I looked back on the resolutions I made last year I realized I actually fulfilled at least half.  Not bad, especially since I had not ever gone back to review them until now.

So I figure might as well make another list.  Actually maybe I should make two for me and one for the man.  This could be interesting right! 

1. Incorporate more passion into all areas of my life.
2. Pray everyday. Show gratitude more often.
3. Say I love you more often.
4. Read at least two books a month.
5. Find or create a job I love, one that pays well too.
6. Be more creative.
7. Laugh often, have more fun.
8. Spend less, save more.
9.  Relax, have more patience.
10. Help others. Find a way to help more dogs find loving homes.
11. Be happy. Try to not let others moods rub off on me. 
12. More affection.

The man:
1. Show love and gratitude often.
2. Help around the house more. (dishes would be great or cleaning bathroom) haha
3. Show kindness, understanding, compassion.  Have patience.
4. Spend quality time together .
5. Laugh more, don't be tight.
6. Communicate. Talk.  Be more open and honest.  Choose positive words.
7. Step away from tv, lap top, blackberry, engage in activites or try new things together.
8. Take care of yourself.  Be good to your body. 
9. Cut down on texting while we are driving, shopping, at games, eating, etc., concentrate on the moment at hand. (those friends will always be available to text later) 
10. Don't judge others as quickly.11. More affection. (Show affection more often, have more loving moments between us. Do away with the pecks and replace them with juicy kisses.)

Most important to have fun! 
"Happiness comes of the capacity to feel deeply, to enjoy simply, to think freely, to risk life, to be needed."

"The secret to happiness is not in doing what one likes to do, but in liking what one has to do."

I've put it out into the universe now let's see what happens! 

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