Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Musings

Monday again....though this Monday has flown by.  The weather forecast here in the Philadelphia area is looking scary, guess this ice/snow storm is moving our way and it could bring a lot of ice.  Which could cause some very serious problems like power outages. So right now all we can do is hope for the best. 

And since this storm warning is in effect from tonight until early Wednesday evening, figured I better run all errands today. (mainly due to the fact our cars will probably get snowed in again)   My man has a really bad back, I have the heart issue, so shoveling is very difficult.   It is surprising too because we thought kids might come around offering to shovel for a little money, but there has not even been one.

Anyway, back to the errands I literally spent from 10 am to 4pm running around, and pretty much everyone else had the same idea because things were congested.  Our roads here are still not even quite back to normal yet there is snow everywhere.  Came home froze a bunch of chicken (touching raw meat is so gooey), mopped the floors, tried to organize the house, tried to move the snow on the driveway but it is still frozen solid even after putting salt on it, and took a shower (feels so good after a busy day).

We had a busy weekend, with maybe 5 hrs of sleep last night.  Not only did we go out to dinner like I mentioned in my post Saturday, but we went to a Sixers game last night. (free tix from my man's job)  It was full of fun though so missing a little sleep was worth it.  But I think we are both looking forward to just relaxing tonight.  ; )

Although, I think Angel wants to batt em up it's time to play ball!
Mondays....Be happy. It is one way of being wise.

{waiting for the ball to be thrown}


  1. I am with you on the errands. All of Dallas was at the grocery store today getting ready for the weather tomorrow! Chaos@

  2. Until you said that I didn't even realize how the storm was affecting the whole country. GMA this morning said this storm is affecting states from the Midwest to the South. How is Dallas this morning?


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