Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Musings

Monday again.  Seriously, where do the weekends go?

Our weekend involved a lot of lounging. We were suppose to go to a family party but that got cancelled.  So a good portion was spent with the tv on, and the man with all his electronic gadgets. haha  I'm trying to convince my man that the tv running constantly can be a huge deterrent and distraction, not only to conversation but other stuff as well. Tv would not even be so bad if he could just relax (instead of trying to text, glance at this laptop for game scores, or flip) or even just vary our plans a little some weekends to include other activities.  I'd like to figure out a way to create a little more fun on the weekends.

Which made me think of something funny.  Two years ago while on a weekend vacation  to Florida, convincing him to go to the beach was incredily tough, he would have preferred to stay at the house working on his laptop picking and watching games.  In fact, the other people with us, and waiting on him actually said to me "is he like this all the time because I don't know how you do it". haha  And on a vacation to Barbados he actually wanted to come back to the room to watch tv at night, even getting him to go out to dinner wasn't easy. haha  So you see getting him to participate isn't an easy task.

I can be a homebody much like him, but I also think it is fun to do stuff from time to time too.  And so today I was just thinking of ways to create more fun, or things to do, but not spend a lot of money at the moment.
As I was thinking about it today while running errands at Walmart, spending more money than I wanted for common household products, it seems like not much fun or fun things can be done these days without spending money. 

 It is hard to do anything, let alone a date without spending what seems like a lot of money. (everything adds up so quickly)  Sporting events, movies, theater, museums, classes, vacations, eating out, etc..  Think about where your money goes.... it is something I took for granted before.  How spending $100 doesn't seem like anything when you have a good job. But when you don't $100 seems like a $1000.  Even hobbies like painting eat up a lot of money.  I was thinking of taking a few classes so I could at least learn new things while on my little hiatus, but upon pricing them I learned one would cost at least $450.  It's so crazy!

Maybe I should just buy a bunch of those dummie books and start teaching myself.   One thing I would really like to learn how to do is sew.  And I think that is probably done better in person, then just reading a book.  Books are good but actually doing something seems to make the learning process easier.

Anyway, I don't mean to complain this Monday.  Guess I'm just feeling a little down because now that I have all this time on my hands,....I don't have much money to do anything fun! 

So I need to find some ways to have fun, that don't cost money. (or at least don't cost much)  Any suggestions?

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