Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Musings

This Monday I'm feeling rather tired.  For the past few weeks off and on let's just say my body has been off, had to take medicine which always seems to cause something else, blah,blah, honestly it left me feeling slightly annoyed, and overall yucky. (is that even a word)   Might not be a word but it fits here. haha  But you know how when something lingers it gets to the point it makes you feel that way? 

So after working on a variety of things this morning, running a bunch of errands, came home took a hot shower (it is freezing here) and gave myself a pedicure and manicure.  Funny but those little things can make a difference sometimes. 

My man cancelled my day yet again yesterday.  Which added to that feeling above today. (long story but we have this thing where we each get two days a week to call our own....where the other has to do what the other wants)   It really is a great concept in theory, but some weeks it is difficult to get my man motivated enough to adhere to it.  He loves his days but of course my days always seem to get slighted.  The only thing in life that is a guarantee with him is sports and texting on his blackberry.  (that's when I have to remind him to not be so tight or set in his ways) 

Anyway, last night I just gave up on hoping I might get my night and engrossed myself in a book!

By the way, I keep hearing people mention this book The Happiness Project.  Seriously I have seen more than a few people mention they are or have read it.  So I'm guessing I should check this book out.  

And tonight is the big college football championship game....Oregon vs Auburn.  Not sure who I really want to win but I guess I'm leaning toward Oregon.  I think it is more fun to watch a game when you have a team to cheer for.  Wish it was Penn State.  Have I mentioned I'm a Penn State fan!  ; )  

Actually I tend to be all over in my sports.....Penn State- College Football, Atlanta Falcons-NFL, Villanova - College Basketball,  Sixer - NBA,  Flyers - NHL, Phillies - MLB.  Think that about covers it.  But honestly anymore in this era of coaches/players moving around so much sometimes it makes it hard to follow just one team.

I used to be an Eagles fan, probably eventually will be again but after the whole Reid/McNabb era and then the whole Mike Vick situation I lost interest.  Started following the Falcons because Matt Ryan happened to be one of my favorite college quarterbacks and I liked the Falcons organization.  But of course then another favorite college quarterback of mine started playing in the NFL, Tebow soooo. that I've gone off on a completely different tangent.

I must go and figure out what to make for dinner.  

Many blessings on this Monday.  And maybe,just maybe, it will be my day today!  ; )

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  1. I must read that book as well....I've been hearing lots about it as well!


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