Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Magic Of Snow

Snow brings such a magical feel.  The airy white flakes that often look like feathers falling, blanket the ground in such an amazing pure white color, which glistens like diamonds under the sun.  If one is lucky enough to be able to stay home, to enjoy the beauty, and to watch with awe as it falls....snow can be so pretty and soul soothing.

But to those who can't stay home snow isn't always such a beauty.  It is often overshadowed by the danger of the roads.  The danger of those who don't brush off their vehicles is always another big concern.  The cold temperatures and heavy shoveling that seem to take a toll on the body as well.

Snow in many ways is a huge reminder to take our time, slow down, and for workplaces to have a little heart and be more understanding on days like this.  So it is then that snow brings with it a variety of feelings and situations.  

If only everything could just close for a day, if only everyone could just sit back and enjoy the beauty, the fun that nature blossoms with in winter.  (and if only it wasn't as expensive to heat a home) 

Here is a glimpse of our snowing morning in the Northeast. 

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