Saturday, January 29, 2011

Let your Dreams

"Let your dreams be bigger than your fears and your actions be louder than your words. All day, every day"

As you might know by reading my posts lately, I've been trying to live with more passion.   Not only that but trying harder to not just sit back but to make my dreams and desires more a reality.

So looks like the man has also been listening because last night we went out to dinner!  (for us that is actually a huge deal because it is something we rarely do, I mean we are talking many twice a year)   Usually we just make home cooked meals, in front of the tv.  Which is good but sometimes you need a night off to just relax, not have to cook/do dishes, and to focus on one another without the distractions of electronical things.
Lately I've been trying to suggest creating more such type days or nights.  You know good ole fashioned dates. 

Well let me tell you, dinner was awesome!  At first we could not decide where to go and some how came up with Fridays.  We both decided to get real meals, instead of just burgers.  The man got the sirloin/shrimp combo and I the petite sirloin.  Both got mashed potatoes, mine plain, his loaded with bacon/chees (which I highly recommend), and both meals came with fresh veggies. Can you say delicious??????

Honestly, the steak was cooked to perfection, the mashed potatoes mouth watering, even the veggies were perfect.  And we had the best waitress, who was extremely attentive and helpful. (being that I have an egg allergy eating out can be a little difficult)  I have never seen my man each as much as he did, even ordered dessert which he never does.  Peanut Buter pie, while I had some orange sherbet. (only thing other than Oreo pie without egg in it)  

Overall the evening was a success. Great food, fun conversation, and no distractions. (the man put aside his cell phone, promising only to check it if someone bought one of his game picks)   Honestly, it was exactly what we needed. 

And I think what I mentioned in that passion post of mine is true.  You have to try and create what you desire and/or feel you need.  You have to express how you feel.  If those things involve others as well you have to try to help them listen and understand as well.  And as the quote above says let your actions speak louder than your words at times too.

I'm grateful my man listened and understood what I was trying to express.  I'm grateful for our little dinner, it is amazing how little things can mean so much.  It was so great to have a night free of distractions! (well except each other, and the man when he is dressed up can be quite a distraction)  If only I had thought to take a few photos!  ; )

{very similar to what the meals looked like}

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