Saturday, January 15, 2011

Atlanta Falcons

Big day for Matt Ryan, or as I like to refer to him as my Matty "Ice" Ryan. haha   Yes when my boy came out of Boston College and got drafted to Atlanta, well let's just say I became a Falcons fan.  (given my loyalty to Penn State I could never root for Ryan back in the college days.)  Though my fondness for both him and even Tebow ran deep. (that's a whole other post though) haha 

And even though I'm from Philadelphia, I lost interest in the Eagles years ago when they signed McNabb and brought on Reid.  Not to mention the new addition of Vick.  (sorry those type players just aren't going to have me rooting for them)  Guess you could say I have more loyalty to certain players then so called teams.  Even though with all the trading that goes on now, how can any team be a real team.  Know what I mean?   But just once I'd like to see Philly get a quarterback like Ryan, Peyton, Brady, or even Tebow. 

So I was lost for awhile, felt I had no real team to get behind, to vest my passion in, until Matt Ryan came into the NFL.  (besides Philly happens to be Ryans hometown)

Say what you will but my boy is coming into his own as a NFL quarterback....he has even been compared to John Elway.  And the Falcons have turned into quite the team they have a very involved owner, and great coach in Mike Smith.

So today is a big game for Matty Ryan as they go against the Green Bay Packers for what could be a very interesting, and very hard fought battle.   And all I can really say is.....


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